March 27, 2015


Photos of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool Have Us Hot and Bothered

@VancityReynolds on Twitter
@VancityReynolds on Twitter

Ryan Reynolds posted more official Deadpool images today, confirming that the studios might get it right this time. I couldn't be more pumped that my fave comic book blooper-hero is getting live-action love. Between the photos, Reynolds' sense of humor and the leaked test trailer (scroll down), Deadpool finally looks like more than “your average fast talkin’ high-tech gun-for-hire.”

It can be said that Wade Wilson is one of my three epic loves. My first was a guy with superhuman intelligence and a knack for the silly. The second one had a flair for the dramatic and a brilliant imagination. But Wade is the perfect amalgam of the best parts of these men. Not to mention that he's a mercenary, marksman and master swordsman. Funny, dangerous and a little out of his mind…what could be sexier?

No, Deadpool may not have the dashing good looks or the smooth skin of some of my current flings, but Wade will always be there to make me laugh. Despite his crazy hallucinations, tendency to flirt with any female in sight (in his dreams), he’s never let me down.

Interpretations of Deadpool certainly have let me down, however. Don’t even get me started on the mutations (no pun intended) made to Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But I will say that a mouth sewn shut is no way to present the anti-hero known as the “merc with the mouth."

It looks like the film is in good hands at last, especially judging by the perfect blend of insanity and deadliness in the test footage here. If director Tim Miller gives the film the Scott Pilgrim treatment, you can be sure Deadpool will get the gloss of stupefying special effects and topical humor needed to bring this animated, mentally unstable character to life. 

For me, the appeal of Wade as a leading man is that he doesn't need his body to be provacative—and neither does Reynolds, really. Mr. Blake Lively is known for his good looks, but flicks like Just Friends give me faith that he’ll bring the humor and sexiness to the film, even beneath a mask. Though I must admit that you can see the muscles through the spandex and...yeah, that's pretty hot too.

Update (4/1): Deadpool will acquire an 'R' Rating. Thanks to a very surprising interview with Extra, Reynolds has a special message for host Mario Lopez regarding the rumored PG-13 rating for the film. Reynolds also asserts that the Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine "is not the character we're putting on screen right now." Phew. Watch the clip below until the end for the final call on making Deadpool "family friendly."