March 12, 2015


29 Most Anticipated Spring 2015 Albums

#1Marina & The Diamonds, 'Froot'

Release Date: March 17

Why We're Excited: The Welsh singer-songwriter has crafted two near-perfect pop records with 2010's The Family Jewels exploring offbeat indie-pop while 2012's Electra Heart went full-throttle electro-Top 40 pop. Froot feels like it'll be a culmination of the two sentiments, with lush productions acting as the perfect bed to Marina's signature quirk. Check out the record's title track, or the brutally honest lyrics from "I'm a Ruin" (above): "I know I'm playing with your heart / And I could treat you better but I'm not that smart."

Froot also marks a moment of enlightenment for the star, who shows some of her most positive and hopeful songs on tracks like "Happy" and "Forget," a significant sonic moment for the Diamonds that have been with the starlet since Day 1. —Jeff Benjamin

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