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19 Songs Perfect for Spring

It's finally, FINALLY here—and we've got all the jams you need to celebrate the end of the cold and the start of the sunshine-y, hummingbird-tastic season

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Shakira, "Gypsy"

This spritely track gives off a fresh, fearless feeling, making us want to throw off our shoes and dance in a grassy field. Cliché? Maybe, but the perpetually sunny Shakira does that to us.

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Sheryl Crow, "Soak Up the Sun"

We don't get enough chances to think about Sheryl Crow and how beautiful a person and musician and springtime-song-maker she is. Let's take a moment. Let's soak.

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Katy Perry, "Hummingbird Heartbeat"

It's springtime, and that means the magical hummingbirds will soon be fluttering about your garden. Katy Perry likens an invigorating love to the little avians' rapid hearts that beat as high as 1,260 beats per minute. (Science and Katy Perry?! Yes!) Tis the season of fresh beginnings, and there's a lot to be excited about even if you don't have a new bae.

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The Lonely Island, "Spring Break Anthem"

Forgo the usual spring break hallmarks for the comedy trio's ode to hard partying and...gay marriage? Yep. "Bros before hoes / Chicks with no clothes / Slammin' shots and marryin' a man." We'll kegstand to that.

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Rihanna, "Music of the Sun"

Psych yourself up for Rihanna's forthcoming eighth album with the title track from her 2005 debut. Come and dance with the music of the sun, people—the snowy frigid doomsday days are behind us!

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Katrina & The Waves, "Walking on Sunshine"

"I'm walking on sunshine...and don't it feel good?!?"Hell yes it does. Classic.

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Coldplay, "Strawberry Swing"

Like getting stuck in an April shower, this 2008 Coldplay track washes over you and leaves you revivified. Chris Martin details "a perfect day" with a blue sky and a couple talking where "every moment was so precious." Really does sound like the perfect spring day, huh?

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Rye Rye & M.I.A., "Sunshine"

This sassy joint really has nothing to do with actual rays of sunlight, but is such a feel-good bop that we had to add it. Good luck trying to not sing the "sunshine is a friend of mine" hook without a smile.

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ZEMA, "Spring (II)"

The season ain't all sunshine and roses. Brooklyn electro-pop up-and-comer ZEMA knows it on his new EP, One More Year, which features the actually springlike single "Solo Act" and the grim, sexy "Spring (II)," which reminds us that loneliness abides by no calendrical boundaries.

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Phosphorescent, "Sun Arise! (An Invocation, An Introduction)"

This cut opens the singer-songwriter's 2013 record Muchacho—but it also opens our eyes on a crisp April morn.

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OneRepublic, "Feel Again"

With temperatures rising, it's time to stop hiding indoors and throw off your coats and heavy-duty boots. Embrace the warmth and sunlight, let it tan your skin (a little bit, use sunscreen). It's been a really rough winter, and it's time to get back out there.

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Len, "Steal My Sunshine"

Wherefore art thou, Smash Mouth–ish Canadian rock band Len? Ah, who cares—you gave us this gift in 1999 and found your way into every spring playlist from then till infinity.

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Natasha Bedingfield, "Pocketful of Sunshine"

Take Natasha Bedingfield's advice and stuff your pockets with some light, keeping the positive vibes high in this season of renewal. 

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After School, "Shine"

The Korean girl group tells listeners to "shine like a flower" in this inspirational tune. Maybe it's because they've been gone for so many months, but flowers bloom brighter than ever at the top of spring. Follow suit and show the world your best side.

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Mariah Carey, "Butterfly"

Time to come out of your chrysalis and reveal your new graceful winged self and fly into the future (approx. temp: 60 degrees Fahrenheit).

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EELS, "Peach Blossom"

Over the course of 11 studio albums, the man called E has released a slew of unbeatably perky buds-poking-out-from-the-trees music. 2013's Wonderful, Glorious featured a new peak with "Peach Blossom," featuring E rocking to the topic of marigolds. (Honorable springtime EELS mentions go to "Grace Kelly Blues," "I Like Birds," "Mighty Fine Blues"—pretty much anything on here.)

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Carly Rae Jepsen, "I Really Like You"

Call Me Rae Jepsen is back, and her new one might have not made it to Song of Summer 2015 contention, it definitely dominated pre-summer time. The more Tom Hanks–y dance montages you enact walking down the street with your headphones, the better.

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Fiona Apple & Jon Brion, "Everyday"

This Buddy Holly tribute is the exact sound of celebrating the end of winter and anticipating the approach of beach season. What a jewel. Thank you Fiona.

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Kendrick Lamar, "King Kunta"

Few tracks on Kendrick Lamar's astonishing new album To Pimp a Butterfly will give you that jaunty spring step like "King Kunta." (The live version of "i" that drops at the album's end is damned peppy too, though.)

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