March 10, 2015


The Early November Unveil New Rock Sound with "Narrow Mouth"

In 2007, after being a band for nearly a decade, the Early November called it quits. Like many emo-leaning acts of the early aughts, interpersonal conflict got in the way. Five years later, the band reformed, releasing the underrated In Currents in 2012. They toured for a while, even playing with Blink-182Metallica and Slayer (?!). They hit Warped Tour the following year, but remained quiet for the remainder of 2014.

Now the EN are back with "Narrow Mouth," the first single from their upcoming fourth full-length album, Imbue, out May 12.

The single is a huge departure from 2003's The Room's Too Cold or 2006's The Mother, the Mechanic, and the Path. This is a massive rock tune, one that truly feels like a matured, refined version of the indie and rock hits the band grew up championing.