March 11, 2015


Tim Burton's Making a Live-Action 'Dumbo'—Is Johnny Depp the Elephant?

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Getty Images

Tim Burton has signed on to direct a live-action remake of Dumbothe Wall Street Journal reports. The script was penned by Ehren Kruger, best known for his work on the Transformers franchise. The new version of the Disney classic will feature a mix of CGI and live action, but there’s no word yet if frequent Burton collaborator Johnny Depp will play the titular elephant or not. Seriously, if anyone would try something that crazy, it would be Burton and Depp.

While most other directors wouldn’t dare touch a project with such a hallowed history, Burton’s filmography has shown us that he’s never cowered at the idea of taking on the classics.

Beginning with his 2001 Planet of the Apes reboot, Burton has been bringing his unique touch to a handful of remakes and film adaptations. Every time the word gets out about the next re-imagining, the haters take to social media to complain. Tough to argue with the box office numbers, though: the 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake brought in $475 million while his version of 2010 Alice in Wonderland grossed a mind-blowing $1.025 billion.

Burton’s name has also been attached to remakes of Pinocchio and The Addams Family in recent years, but those projects fell apart before going into production. Those setbacks aside, the Dumbo news proves that the director isn’t done (messing?) with the classics.