April 7, 2015


Turkish Pop Star Atiye Eyes Your Favorite Club With English Debut

Next time you're at the club, you might notice a bit of a Turkish flair in the DJ's set. 

Meet Atiye who, at the ripe age of 26, has nearly a decade under belt in Turkey's pop scene and is now setting her sights beyond her native country. The singer is coming for America with her debut U.S. single "Come to Me" and it sounds primed for the clubs.

Listen above to the booming English track that boasts two different personalities: There's its slight Eastern flair with what sounds like a bağlama (the guitar heard in Turkish and Armenian folk music, and throughout Syria and Iraq) strumming over dramatic strings; but "Come to Me" also transforms into a big-room EDM banger with siren-esque synths, stabbing 808s and heavy bass drops. 

It's undoubtedly a huge track, but it feels more packaged for the rave or festival scene than Top 40 radio. Atiye could certainly find herself on Billboard's Club Dance Songs chart—which isn't a bad place for an international artist to find themselves. But if she's looking for a full-on pop star career like she has in Turkey, this might have been a bit of a miss. 

Compared to Europe, dance music is only a recent craze in America. East and west Europe, including Atiye's native Turkey, have embraced club music as the norm for years. We've got to give it up to the young singer for crafting a believable musical marriage of her country's native sounds with easily digestible EDM for what might be one of the most commanding attempts to bring Balkan sounds over stateside.