May 2, 2017


30 Graduation Songs to Say Goodbye or See Ya Never

luckyraccoon via Getty Images
luckyraccoon via Getty Images

With all the pomp and circumstance of this benchmark occasion we thought it was important to bring you some of Fuse's favorite tracks to memorialize school days past and the journey ahead. 

We all have mixed feelings about leaving those jocks, dweebies and dickheads behind, and we have the bases covered when it comes to a bittersweet goodbye. From pop-punk nostalgia to R&B classics, we've got the perfect anthem for your graduation cap toss. Just make sure to duck out of the way before that pointed edge cap comes reeling back!

These are the best songs with which say goodbye. Happy listening and, oh yeah, CONGRATS!

#1"All My Friends" by LCD Soundsystem

Best Cap Tossing Moment: "Oh, this could be the last time / So here we go / Like a sales force into the night."

Because you may never stand with these people again, with the youthful hope tonight. (Unless you plan on going to the reunion, but we doubt that's happening.)

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