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11 Best New Pop Songs We Heard in April

We get it: There's so much music out there, it's impossible to listen to it all. So the Fuse staff compiled this list of the best pop tracks released last month

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Hilary Duff, "Sparks"

This electro-pop gem is reminiscent of dance-pop cuts off Hilary's 2007 album Dignity—a long-loved favorite of hardcore pop fans—but gets modernized with bubbly synths and an addictive whistle hook. The Tove Lo-penned track is probably the starlet's best chance at a major musical comeback and we're hoping we hear this sultry track all over radio this summer. Jeff Benjamin

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Todrick Hall, "4 Beyoncé"

Wait. Four guys combined 70 effing Beyoncé jams into a four-minute super-single?

No. One man did it. Todrick Hall—who's caught our eye and ear with previous viral sensations—created four of himself and choreographed and vocalized a masterpiece that will drive (us) Bey Hivers wild and even entertain the walk-ins. 

TL;DR: We're leaving everything to Todrick in our will and sending him an Edible Arrangement every day for the next two years. —Zach Dionne

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Carly Rae Jepsen, "All That"

At first, the latest CRJ release might sound extremely out of place (and potentially underwhelming) compared to addictive pop gems like "Call Me Maybe" and "I Really Like You." But judging this song completely on its own, "All That" sounds like the perfect prom slow-dance hit for 2015. Carly really flexes her songwriting skills, detailing a complicated situation of wanting to her significant other to open up to her, but also wanting said S.O. to lay some serious lovin' on her ("Just let me in your arms / Show me if you want me / If I'm all that / I will be that, I will be your friend").

Plus you can't deny those guitar licks, courtesy of Dev Hynes. —Jeff Benjamin

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Janelle Monae, "Yoga"

Is Moneezy a pop diva? Or a rock star? An R&B songstress? A rap icon?

Yes. All of the above, just, yes. Also, a robot. One who just made a Song of the Summer candidate as hot as her 2013 life-changer "Q.U.E.E.N." (But probably not mainstream enough to top "Uptown Funk," which has already sealed the SOTD seal, apparently.) 

"Yoga" nestles right up next to Beyoncé's "7/11" and "Flawless" and Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" as a new level of badassery. No conversation about this one should be complete without a moment of awed, fist-pumping silence for the line "you cannot police me so get off my areola." Or for the way Janelle flips the "bend over, etc. etc." rap command trope and flips "baby, bend over" into a winking, innuendo-free encouragement. She does warn us "sometimes I'm peachy, and sometimes I'm vulgar." She just didn't (yet) flaunt how well she does both at the same damn time. Zach Dionne

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MS MR, "Painted"

At first, the jittery, disco-tinged opening sounds as if MS MR had abandoned their signature alt-rock sound. But as the track progresses, it's clear the duo kept their booming drums and dark lyrics, but are now moving to a peppier beat. The group gets extra points for the atypical song structure that forgoes a second verse. —Jeff Benjamin

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Ciara, "Dance Like We're Making Love"

While "I Bet" was empowerment R&B all the way through, Ciara's new single is a snappy, sensual jam that is perfect for anywhere from the dance floor to the bedroom. Produced by Dr. Luke (the dude behind some of Kesha and Katy Perry's biggest hits), the track actually gives us Michael Jackson vibes thanks to Ci's fierce vocal approach and ad-libs. We wouldn't be surprised to hear this was written with the King of Pop in mind. —Jeff Benjamin

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EXID, "Ah Yeah"

The K-pop girl group takes the saxobeat trend made famous by Ariana GrandeJason Derulo, and Macklemore last year and ups it to a new level with this schizophrenic, pop-rap banger. Even if you don't know the language, you can feel the attitude shifts as the girls move from soft cooing to brazen rap attacks on the verses that's enhanced with the ever-changing production on this fascinating (and super-catchy) new single. —Jeff Benjamin

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Adam Lambert, "Ghost Town"

Another banger that utilizes a whistle hook? Adam Lambert evolves his sound by mixing the emotional, pop-rock and theatrical lyrics we love him for with a dark, house beat. —Jeff Benjamin

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Sofia Reyes, "Conmigo (Rest of Your Life)"

The 19-year-old continues to prove she's the Latin-pop star to watch with her latest bilingual banger. Reyes' breezy new single sounds perfect for a trip to the beach, a bonfire or a summer makeout session. —Jeff Benjamin

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Tori Kelly, "Unbreakable Smile"

If "Nobody Love" hinted at it, "Unbreakable Smile" confirms it: Tori Kelly is your new go-to aritst for feel-good music. The 22-year-old's latest is a sunny anthem choked full of clever, empowering lyrics ("You see me hanging with my fam / But that don't mean I'm living in a bubble / You'll find me at church / But that doesn't mean I can't cause trouble"), all centered around her remarkable set of pipes. —Jeff Benjamin

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Erik Hassle, "No Words"

A star in his native Sweden, Erik Hassle looks poised to breakout internationally based off the strength of his latest singles. "No Words" is a funk-inspired pop jam that Nick Jonas would kill to release. Watch this kid in 2015, pop fans. —Jeff Benjamin


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