April 1, 2015


Listen: Is Beyonce Teasing a New Jay Z Song?

Let's get this out of the way right now: This is not an April Fools' Day prank, y'all.

Beyoncé posted what at first appears to be a cute Instagram video with the always-adorable Blue Ivy, but actually winds up looking like a tease for a new Jay Z song. It's a quick clip, but the clip seems to hint that Jay's about to lay down a verse as super-producer The-Dream handles a repetitive hook. 

The track very well be a new Jay Z song, but it also might be a new Jay/Bey collaboration. If you recall earlier this year, "Drunk in Love" songwriter Detail more or less confirmed that the couple would release a joint album. So a song with Hov's voice was teased on Yoncé's (massively popular) social media, and it features The-Dream, a longtime producer for both acts ("Single Ladies," "Holy Grail," "Run the World (Girls)"). All the pieces are certainly in place to make this a part of this duo LP.

Whatever the song's for or whoever's album it's being recorded for, one thing's clear: These two sure know how to stir up hype.