April 13, 2015


Brand New Reveal First New Single in Six Years, "Mene"

After performing their first new track in years, "Mene," last week, Brand New aren't wasting a moment and released the studio version of the track. 

It's is more or less what we heard the other day, but on this polished-up version we get more vocal layers on the verses, and then the mix of singing and screaming on the chorus—with the "We don't feel anything!" hook just begging to be hollered by emo purists or anyone looking to hearken back to their angstier days.

Not only does the new song prove that the Long Island rockers haven't lost the aggression they're famous for (thank goodness), but they also haven't lost their penchant for high-energy rock we heard in their earlier records. Strictly tempo-wise, "Mene" is one of the fastest Brand New songs in awhile. 

News about a new Brand New album hasn't surfaced yet, but the guys are keeping their comeback streak hot. After premiering "Mene" live last week, the band also had a standout set at Coachella 2015 and will continue touring the country through August so new music has to be coming soon...right?

Watch the nostalgic-looking "Mene" video above and be sure to stay tuned til the very end for a very random surprise. You can also snag the song for free on their website.