April 8, 2015


Chicagoans Chance the Rapper & Towkio Team for "Heaven Only Knows"

As we (not so patiently) await the followup to 2013's Acid RapChance the Rapper has kept himself busy with a slew of collaborations like "Baby Blue" alongside Action Bronson and "Iconic" with friggen Madonna and Mike effin' Tyson. The young MC's got another one for us with "Heaven Only Knows," a cut off an upcoming mixtape from fellow Chicago rapper Towkio.

Take a listen above, and if the beat sounds vaguely familiar, it's because it's a reinterpretation of John Legend's 2009 single "Heaven." But the duo flip the R&B beat on its head by throwing in woozy synth lines, pitching up vocal samples, and adding hand claps for a modern update while also infusing some feel-good soul.

Listen up for a slew of clever lines (like the standout, "My girl trippin' say I treat her like a groupie / But I never take a groupie out to eat"), but the most important line comes when Chance closes the track saying, "Why you about to have the hottest tape of 2015? It's stupid! This song is already so hot I'm actually just glad you let me rap on that bitch."

Longtime rap fans will remember that Chance grew to festival headliner status (remember Lollaplaooza last year?) off the acclaimed success of his mixtapes, with Acid Rap landing on just about everyone's Best Of lists in 2013. 

If there's the off chance "Heaven Only Knows" isn't convincing you then Chance giving his co-sign to Towkio's .Wav Theory tape, dropping on April 28, is a major heads up that this is a mixtape (and an MC) to watch very closely this year.