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10 Bands You Didn't Know Are Super Christian

Worship and rock exist hand in hand in these groups. Get spiritual with these unexpectedly religious outfits

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When people ask you to list surprising Christians, U2 are always somewhere near the top of the list. While many of the records flirt with political ideas of war and the world, they also look to God and the Bible for salvation.

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It's almost a rite of passage for screamo/emo/post-hardcore fans to discover Underoath, one of the heaviest bands on the Warped Tour scene, who are hella into God. Their live sets regularly include a shoutout to Jesus—before, after and sometimes during a mosh pit.

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Kings of Leon

The gentlemen responsible for "Sex on Fire," have a purer passion: God! 

The Tennessee group work in ideas of salvation into their music. It's more than a metaphor, people! 

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Relient K

If you grew up Christian and pop-punk, Relient K were your Blink-182. The squeaky clean boys of this godly group veered away from church-themed content, but when asked in interviews, they're super open about their main man JC. Christ, that is.

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P.O.D. might stand for Payable on Death, but they certainly stand for something else...G.O.D.

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Mumford & Sons

This is about as exciting and unexpected as the moment most of us learned this Americana- and folk-obsessed group was British! Mumford & Sons are definitely Christian—frontman Marcus Mumford's folks are members of the evangelical Vineyard Church in England as is young Mumfie. 

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Belle & Sebastian

Attention indie rock nerds! Your beloved pop icons, Belle & Sebastian, are Christian! Frontman Stuart Murdoch & Co. have been pretty vocal about their Jesus love. 

Don't believe us? Peep the lyrics to "The Ghost of Rockschool": "I've seen God in the sun / I've seen God in the street / God before bed and the promise of sleep / God in my dreams / And the free ride of grace / I've seen God shining / Out from her reflection."

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Sufjan Stevens

This indie darling is also a devout Christian. The hunky singer-songwriter is similar to Kings of Leon in that he works ideas of the Lord into his epic tunes. Check out "Ah Holy Jesus" above.

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Pedro the Lion

Seattle's Pedro the Lion might be inactive now, but frontguy David Bazan keeps waving the Christian flag!

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Recently reunited emo legends Thrice are low-key Christians! Frontman Dustin Kensrue has been involved in the community for years now.


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