April 13, 2015


Chill, Guys: Kylie Jenner And Tyler, The Creator Are Totally Friends

The Internet went ablaze today over an innocuous shout out/diss that Tyler, The Creator dropped in his Coachella set directed at Kylie Jenner or whatever, another young woman from Los Angeles who is famous for nothing. 

The emcee started out poking fun at the festival's VIP section, "Y'all the niggas that got money and paid extra... Fuck all y'all, y'all boring." He elaborated, "Everybody that's in the real crowd, though, I fuck with y'all. Y'all gonna have a good time. These motherfuckers too cool. Kendall Jenner here thinking she cute and shit... Hey, Kendall, Kendall, Kendall—I'm over here to your right—fuck you." 

Fret not though, because all was sorted this morning when Tyler took to Twitter in an apologetic but unnecessarily public fashion, similar to how Macklemore obnoxiously apologized to Kendrick for "robbing" his Grammy:

Unfortunately, the part of Tyler's banter that people are ignoring is the most important part: "Fuck all y'all, y'all boring. Everybody that's in the real crowd, though, I fuck with y'all. Y'all gonna have a good time."

Tyler's honesty in the face of a sectioned-off crowd of protected hangers-on and wannabes illustrates his true interests: dedication to music and real experience. Unfortunately, that won't garner as many clicks or likes as the headlines about his fake feud with the forgettable daughter of an Olympian, so here we are. 

The takeaway: We should all remember why we showed up in the first place. Music transfers energy, inspires, shares poetry, tells stories, and offers relatability on matters that aren't always easy to discuss with even our closest friends. It doesn't make us cooler, justify $10 Heinekens, offer peripheral celebrity, or make for good social media fodder, as much as some would like.

So, I'll end with a quote from Jack White (possibly the last true rock star on Earth)'s Coachella set from last night.  A quote that may be phrased differently than Tyler's, but essentially carries the same message.