April 27, 2015


7 Artists Who Should Really Go Solo

#1One Direction's Harry Styles

After Zayn Malik, the best One Direction singer is undoubtedly Harry Styles. And since Malik has since left the band to maybe or maybe not pursue a solo career with the help of Naughty Boy, it leaves only Styles to fantasize about as a dream solo star. A very-good, Harry-only track called "Don't Let Me Go" surfaced onto the Internet in mid-2013 that was mostly overshadowed with Directioners worrying if it marked the beginning of the end of 1D. Along with his writing credits on Ariana Grande's wide-eyed love ballad "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart," the mellow, acoustic-leaning tune showcased a solid songwriting base for the star. Along with those high notes we know he can hit, a Harry LP would be like the rawer, deeper version of 1D that could draw in both the young and older-skewing demographics. 

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