April 30, 2015


Life Imitates Art: Florence Sings "What Kind of Man" with Broken Foot

Scott Dudelson/FilmMagic
Scott Dudelson/FilmMagic

Florence + the Machine frontwoman Florence Welch is known for her ethereal voice and hit after hit of catchy, danceable tracks. However, if you’ve been lucky enough to catch one of her live sets, or watch any of her performances or videos online, you also know that she puts entire body into the show. 

From joining her Smurflike dancers in the video for the hit single “Dog Days Are Over” to jumping off the stage at Weekend One of Coachella, Florence continues to prove her boundless ability to entertain. Unfortunately, the leap offstage at Coachella was more than the singer bargained for and Florence sustained a foot injury. 

In a post on the band's Facebook, Florence outlined an apology and a promise to continue her performance schedule. She wrote, "This album was so much about making something from what was broken, so lets see what we can do with this." 

Last night, she appeared barefoot to perform "What Kind of Man" on BBC's Later...with Jools Holland and true to the song's lyrics—"Tryin' to cross a canyon with a broken limb"—Florence seems to be reaching her destination, one show at a time.

We already knew Flo was one of rock's baddest bitches, but now I'm even more blown away. I broke my ankle in December it rocked my world...and not in a good way. Having a broken limb not only causes pain, but leaves you mentally and physically immobile due to frustration, healing and medication. I didn't want to leave my bedroom, much less sit in front of a television audience and perform.

The fact that Florence is continuing to perform shows promoting the release of the new album How Big How Blue How Beautiful on June 2 is quite impressive—especially for an artist who makes it a point to jump and flail around like an angel on fire. Florence is taking a seat in her set, which is a far cry from her original choreography, but the power in her voice is undeniable.