April 24, 2015


Frank Ocean Is Now Legally Frank Ocean—Congratulations, Frank Ocean

Josh Brasted/WireImage
Josh Brasted/WireImage

Frank Ocean, 27, was once Lonny Breaux, a prolific, underground pop song writer. (The elusive, online-only Lonny Breaux Collection preceded the Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape; it's 64 damn songs long.) And before Lonny was Christopher Edwin Breaux, Frocean's true birth name. And now, per the professional court document–sifters at at TMZ:

"Frank's request for a legal name change got a judge's stamp of approval today in L.A. As we previously reported ... Ocean filed legal docs a year ago to make the switch, but a judge put the brakes on the process until Frank cleared up some drivers license issues."

Congrats, Mr. Frank Ocean. We're looking forward to you winning the year with Boys Don't Cry the same way you won 2012 with channel ORANGE. We love you. No matter what your name is.