April 10, 2015


K-Pop Phenoms Girls' Generation Embrace EDM on "Catch Me If You Can"

Girls' Generation is back...and they're ready to dance.

The K-pop girl group dropped a new track and video for "Catch Me If You Can." The song sees the outfit depart from their usual bubblegum-pop style and instead embrace high-turbo EDM. There's surging synths, there's tribal-house beats, there's bass drops, there's Zedd-like dance breaks, it's an Ultra-fied version of the . But there's also a hint of the girls' signature bubbliness with a saccharine chorus where the ladies declare, "I'm going to find my heart." A little inspiration while you break it down, if you will.

It's rather-by-the-numbers EDM, but the bringing oh-so-catchy K-pop melodies into the fold makes "Catch Me If You Can" rise above any mediocre label. 

The band truly shine in the music video that sees one of the best K-pop choreographies we've seen in years from the girls. Once the music starts, they don't stop with loads of hair flips, intense group formations and even sexy leg spreads and booty shakes which, we gotta admit, we weren't expecting. GG has always been known as the bright and feminine group, but we applaud the fact they're willing to get a little dirty (figuratively and literally, they're performing in a construction site) and experiment a bit.

"Catch Me If You Can" isn't a full-blown K-pop comeback single for the group, but something to tie fans over while they wait for their new album, the followup to 2014's Mr.Mr.