April 3, 2015


Hardcore Fans, Rejoice! Spongebob Songs Get a Powerviolence Spin

Are you a fan of punk? Hardcore? Do you find yourself pulling out those early Ceremony records, fully immersing yourself in those iconic powerviolence sounds? 

Next set of questions: Do you also love Nickelodeon? Does Spongebob Squarepants and his underwater crew bring you such a joy? You're in luck, my strange friend.

bandcamp profile for a group called Goolagoon has appeared and with it, Sponge-y themed power chords.

Their demo is called Patrickviolence (clever, right?), and it samples the show's iconic theme song and most memorable moments of dialogue. This is truly peak internet. 

Listen to it above and check out some hot shots of an actual powerviolence band below!