April 7, 2015


GWAR Sued for Allegedly Stealing Late Frontman Oderus Urungus' Ashes

Gary Wolstenholme/Redferns
Gary Wolstenholme/Redferns

We knew the members of GWAR were into some pretty f*cked-up sh*t, but we really hope hoarding ashes isn't one of them.

According to new court documents, the father of Oderus Urungus (a.k.a. Dave Brockie, the founder and frontman of GWAR who died in March 2014) is suing his late son's surviving band members to pay his estate what Oderus was owed for his final tour, along with stolen bass guitars, artwork, personal effects and Brockie's cremated remains—yes, as in the ashes of Oderus Urungus.

In a lawsuit filed last week in Virginia, William Brockie is looking for $1 million after an alleged breach of contract, unauthorized use of Dave's image and his inability to collect his son's cremains.

In the most concerning part of the suit, William claims he went to retrieve his son's ashes last spring, but was denied entry at the headquarters of GWAR's management company, Slave Pit Inc. He added that a staff member returned "a small fraction of his son's ashes, which were delivered in a used plastic bag with Discover credit card logo on it."

The current GWAR lineup issued a statement refuting Willliam's claims with the most interesting parts claiming that Dave had requested his ashes stay at Slave Pit HQ, that the band was paid upfront for their last tour, and that all of Dave's personal belongings (including the ashes) were given to lawyers for Williams to retrieve. Read it in full via Lambgoat.com.

These are all pretty heavy claims from both sides, and there's really no way to know who's right. We're just hoping there can be a happy resolution from all this and Oderus's memory can rest in peace and GWAR and their new female frontwoman Vulvatron can keep kicking ass for years to come.