April 29, 2015


Instagram Launches Music Channel: Here's What We Know

@Music on Instagram (Art by @jaredeberhardt)
@Music on Instagram (Art by @jaredeberhardt)

Instagram, the popular Facebook-owned photo sharing app, has launched a music channel. It's called @Music and, according to the site, is dedicated to further interaction between users and the musicians they love. Buzzfeed went in deep and explored the new platform; here's what we learned:

  • Of all 300 million Instagram users, 25 percent of the most popular accounts are owned by celebrity musicians.
  • After today's launch, the @Music account will update once daily, Tuesday through Sunday.
    • The first two profiles will be launched today: Questlove and Tricot, a popular Japanese math-rock band. Both will feature exclusive editorial content grabbed from the act's Instagram account.
  • The platform is dedicated to breaking artists. Alex Suskind, Instagram's Music Editor, told Buzzfeed, "One of the things we’re focusing on is emerging and unsigned talent who are using the platform to share their music and their stories in a unique way."
  • Think of @Music as a spin-off of @Instagram, but focused on the entertainment field.

Instagram @Music's inaugural post goes into more detail:

The music community is –– and always has been –– an important part of Instagram. For the past four years, we have become the home for artists big and small –– a place where people across the musical spectrum come to share stories, reveal their creativity and connect directly with fans.

Today we’re launching @music, a new account dedicated to exploring music around the globe, from those who create it to the community around it.

Each week, we’ll take a look at the musical experience on Instagram. That means showing you a different side of artists you know and love, like Questlove (@questlove), and introducing you to up-and-coming talents from around the world, like Tricot (@ikkyu193). It means highlighting music photographers, album illustrators, instrument makers and, of course, fans. In the Instagram tradition, we will also welcome community participation with a new, music-themed monthly hashtag project.

Music is a huge part of all of our lives here at Instagram. It’s a passion of ours, and we know it’s a passion of yours. So follow along at @music –– we think you’ll discover something new.

So what do you think? Is this the future of music content sharing? Or will it flop like Twitter #Music? Tell us in the comments!