April 10, 2015


Jared Leto's 'Suicide Squad' Joker Look Is Disappointingly Tame

@DavidAyerMovies on Twitter
@DavidAyerMovies on Twitter

Our hearts stopped when we heard Jared Leto was playing The Joker in upcoming super villian movie Suicide Squad and now the first look at the 30 Seconds to Mars singer's new character is here. We have to admit—we're a little disappointed.

Courtesy of Suicide Squad director David Ayer, we can take a peep below at the new Joker that admittedly sort of just looks like Jared Leto with green hair.

The image above is a throwback to the cover of classic Batman vs. Joker graphic novel The Killing Joke, the 1988 New York Times best-seller that that's considered the definitive tale about the super villain. While we appreciate the throwback, where's the insane makeup? Where's the razor-sharp yellow teeth? Where's the crazy purple suit? 

Maybe it's just Leto hanging around backstage. Maybe Suicide Squad will focus more on the villain's human side than theatrical side. Maybe we're getting all worked up for nothing, but we were really hoping to be wowed by the first look as Jared "The Joker" Leto. But maybe that's what the director and actor want and we'll be floored when the film actually drops?