April 15, 2015


Kanye Adds Kendrick Lamar, Cuts Theophilus London for "All Day" Remix

Getty Images
Getty Images

As the world continues to wait for Kanye West's new So Help Me God album to drop, Yeezus is finding ways to keep the anticipation high. Today, we get a remix of his previously released track "All Day" featuring Kendrick Lamar.

The song is more or less the exact same except that Theophilus London's verses are now replaced with K-Dot, who kills it. Fans of the original "All Day" will also notice that the original outro breakdown has also been slashed. (Though, you technically can't say Theophilus has been removed completely since his ad-libs are still heard throughout the track.)

Cutting your wonky outro and replacing the experimental Theophilus for Kendrick, undoubtedly being one of the biggest MCs in the game right now, feels like a way-too-obvious play to the mainstream for 'Ye. Is he actually getting worried about having a known single for whenever So Help Me God actually drops? It's a move we didn't expect Kanye to resort to, but we can't read this as anything but.

As two of the most brilliant MCs, we actually really wish the duo had gotten together for a mind-blowing, totally original new track. A remix that just tacks on another rapper feels like sort of a let down at this point, but we'd never complain over getting new Kendrick and Kanye music.