April 22, 2015


Lana Del Rey Previews Dreamy New Song in 'Age of Adaline' Trailer

If "Young and Beautiful" hinted at it, "Life Is Beautiful" confirms it: If you need a sweeping, glamorous, spellbinding tune for your movie soundtrack, Lana Del Rey is your woman.

The "Brooklyn Baby" recorded a dreamy new torch song for the upcoming Blake Lively film The Age of Adaline, which tells the story of a woman who doesn't age and winds up falling in love years down the line, despite her best efforts to not. 

We only get a short snippet of "Life Is Beautiful" in a newly unveiled trailer, but the track sounds like classic LDR with gorgeous strings backing the star's romantic lyrics like, "We can go anywhere / We can go anywhere right now / Life is still so beautiful."

It's not clear to what extent "Life Is Beautiful" will be used in Age of Adaline, but you can probably expect to hear it in full during the final credits.

Fingers crossed that it gets officially released in some form. Or maybe Lana's saving it for her upcoming Honeymoon album?