Lawrence Agyei

If they're not already, Chicago should be thanking the heavens for Mick Jenkins. It seems the end is nigh for ignorant and predominantly skill-less Chiraq emcees like Lil Herb and Chief Keef as poets like Mick, Chance the Rapper, and Vic Mensa elbow their way into the center of the spotlight. And personally, I couldn't be more satisfied. Exhibit A, the new track "Alchemy":

Mick's last full length, the truly brilliant The Water[s], dropped quietly last summer to a small crowd of dedicated listeners. Many wondered how and why the album wasn't an immediate sensation, but it became apparent to the few devotees who were privy that Mick is a grower, not a show-er. Patience is key when it comes to Jenkins and his work. There will be no bombastic surprise release that the masses abandon after 10 days, but more likely a strong and steady rise to notoriety built on a string of perfectly executed projects.

Mick's next EP, appropriately titled The Wave[s], will presumably remain in line with his appreciation for H20. So, yeah: DRINK MORE WATER.