April 28, 2015


Exclusive: Monarch Debuts Synthy "Snow White" Ballad

Trever Hoehne
Trever Hoehne

"This is one of those songs where you let all structure go and follow what feels right. It was started in Jakarta and finished in L.A.," Brent Kutzle of OneRepublic explains of "Snow White," the latest single he produced for the atmospheric MONARCH. The serene and overtly calm track from the group's impending EP Apollo teems with light and air, and begs to be laid behind a triumphant Hollywood ending. 

After MONARCH's debut single "Stay" premiered on Billboard earlier this year, the crew got to work on the music video for "Snow White," which will precede the full release of Apollo this summer. We only hope the majesty that gleams on record translates cinematically. Listen to the new single below, premiering exclusively on Fuse: