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13 Must-Know Vine Stars (And Their Best Vines!)

From musicians and comedians to actors and just all-around-attractive people, here are Vine celebrities you need to know

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Shawn Mendes

Followers: 4.7 million

Shawn Mendes is truly Vine's first musical success story, using the social media device to cultivate a following, eventually signing to a major label. His singles "Something Big" and his Top 40 debut "Life of the Party" have been getting a liberal amount of radio play in the days before "Stitches" and his debut full-length album, Handwritten, hit No. 5 on the Billboard 200.

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Rajiv Dhall

Followers: 1.9 million

Shawn Mendes might be music's first Vine discovery, but up-and-comers like Rajiv Dhall are coming for the title. His covers are some of the best. Don't believe us? Peep this take on 5 Seconds of Summer's ballad, "Amnesia."

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Jack & Jack

Followers: 6.2 million

There are many different forms of Vine celebrity but the best and biggest names on the platform have something in common: They're funny as hell. Jack [Johnson] & Jack [Gilinsky] are musicians by trade, writing and recording original music in a pop/hip hop vein, but their fame truly comes from their personalities.

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Nash Grier

Followers: 12.7 million

Nash Grier is buds with Jack & Jack (no surprise there, why wouldn't you befriend the people who live in the same, weird Internet world with you), but isn't making music like the duo. Grier's celebrity is all about the jokes, being silly, over-the-top, and often absurdist. The North Carolina native is only 18, which is especially noteworthy when considering the age of his fans...it's the same!

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Christian Delgrosso

Followers: 7.6 Million

This Canadian cutie is totally revolutionizing the Vine comedy game and we love it. A lot of his humor is simple stuff about family (his first was even about teaching his mom how to use the social media platform.) Almost 8 million followers means we're not the only ones who feel this way!

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Us the Duo

Followers: 5 million

Us the Duo are a prime example of taking internet fame and turning it into something real. Birthed from the six-second social media platform, this couple also signed to a major label (Republic Records), released their second album, No Matter Where You Are (which had two songs used in Fox's animated flick The Book of Life) and have now made a career of regularly performing live (which included being tapped to open Oprah's U.S. leg of "The Life You Want Weekend" tour.)

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DeStorm Power

Followers: 6.1 million

DeStorm Power is a bit older than some of the other Vine stars we've mentioned, which proves the platform isn't just for kids! His six-second clips are equally as funny and often incorporates hip-hop and beatboxing. 

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Cameron Dallas

Followers: 9.4 million

When you're a Vine celebrity, you often become a real-life celebrity. So goes the tale of Cameron Dallas, who went from posting hilarious clips to giving out awards at Jingle Ball, an annual star-studded event at New York City's famed Madison Square Garden. Not bad for the talented teen!

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Brittany Furlan

Followers: 9.8 million

While it does feel like the majority of Vine famous folk are male (boo!) Brittany Furlan is holding it down for the ladies. She's the most popular female Vine star to date, with more than nine million followers. That's a lot of people watching her pretend to poop (and other stuff, check it out above!)

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Followers: 11.7 million

Andrew B. Bachelor aka KingBach is one of the most successful Vine celebs of all time...he might even be the most popular personality on the platform, depending on who you ask. The comedian has managed to combine timely and relatable jokes with high-quality footage. If there's any guy to learn from, it's KingBach. I mean, he's hanging out with the Jenner sisters in the above clip and who 's more famous than them?

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Anna Clendening

Followers: 2.3 million

Anna Clendening's success was almost inevitable. She did fairly well on America's Got Talent, but truly found her home with six-second song covers on Vine. 

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Kenzie Nimmo

Followers: 1.6 million

Kenzie Nimmo was nominated for iHeartRadio's Rising Star competition along with a few other Vine folk...so mainstream fame is probably right around the corner (even if she didn't win!) Unlike many other aspiring musicians, Nimmo is dead-set on writing and recording original music. Great stuff!

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Sebastian Olzanski

Followers: 207,700

Of the famed six second musicians, Sebastian Olzanski is fairly new. The young singer-songwriter can melt hears with a note or two, a true super power. Still, with over 47 million loops on his crooning clips, the guy is on his way to big things.


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