April 22, 2015


Why did Robert Downey Jr. Walk Out on an Interview with Channel 4?

Channel 4 News on Youtube
Channel 4 News on Youtube

Anchor Krishnan Guru-Murthy of Channel 4 News isn't afraid to push boundaries during his interviews. He asks questions most would admit are thought-provoking, but somehow he's managed to piss off not one, but two celebrities with his probing interviews.

Robert Downey Jr. was making the promotional rounds of interviews in London for his role as "Iron Man/Tony Stark" when Guru-Murthy started to ask about his political affiliation, post-incarceration. RDJ began to answer his question quite diplomatically, despite being obviously bothered by the question, "Are we promoting a movie?" 

Then, when Guru-Murthy dug further into his relationship with his father, RDJ was out of there. Guess his armor wasn't in place for the interview... watch at around 5:00 for the fireworks. 

As Buzzfeed so thoughtfully pointed out, interviewer Guru-Murthy was also the man behind Quentin Tarantino's fit in 2013. 

What I'm more interested in is the answer to why Guru-Murthy can't seem to get these guys to open up. True, when stars are promoting a film, they expect to talk about the film, so that explains RDJ's quick escape. But what is it about the anchor that has Tarantino blatantly refusing to answer his question? How can reporters be expected to publish real stories when people refuse to give real answers?

Again, the question itself (below at 4:31) is a little probing, but this time it actually relates to the film itself with regard to violence. Your guess is as good as ours, but it looks like five minutes is more than enough time to be in Guru-Murthy's hot seat.