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Shawn Mendes' 10 Most Iconic Vines

From bedroom strummer to superstar heartthrob, the teen star's rise to fame has been documented in six-second clips—and these are our favorites

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With the ladies

We see a wild Shawn Mendes sitting in the back of what appears to be a van, serenading some fans with his single "A Little Too Much." The song might flirt with negative ideas (eventually concluding with positive ones—working hard and whatnot) but the teen dream is all smiles when surrounded by singing fans.

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Vining for Vine

Shawn Mendes owes much of his success to the social media platform, and in this clip, he's seen at the Vine headquarters ad-libbing a cute tune: "Came a long way from Vine / It's taken some time / Now I'm here with an album / I hope that you like / Thanks Vine." If the whole rock-star thing doesn't work out, we think he has a future in jingle writing.

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"Something Big," somewhere big

Shawn Mendes spent the launch of his single "Something Big" in the Big Apple! Watch him take over a tour bus with a few dozen of his biggest fans. Not sure what he showed them that day, but it looked like a blast!

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Live at Fuse!

Shawn Mendes made his television debut right here at Fuse on Trending 10. We loved having him here... and it looks like those lucky few in the audience loved it just as much, if not more!

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Covering One Direction

Many artists who find Internet fame through Vine or YouTube often do so through covers, and Mendes was no exception. Here we see a young star on the rise tackle the intro to One Direction's single "Midnight Memories."

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...And Adele, too!

Give Young Shawn some credit for taking on a vocal giant, and doing her justice in this very quick clip.

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Rise to fame

What's the ultimate sign of success? Having fans, of course! In this six-second clip, we see Shawn Mendes belt the opening lines to Ed Sheeran's "Drunk" for a massive crowd in Toronto. Mendes is Canadian, and there's something especially powerful about being popular in your hometown.

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Teasing his latest hit

After spending a few months away from Vine, Mendes returned to announced his latest Top 10 hit, "Treat You Better." The quick tease got fans enticed and scored over 800,000 loops.

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Fun with filters

Here's one way to see what you'll look like in old age! At least this popular clip (2.4 million loops!) gives Shawn the opportunity to use a monocle.

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The Vine that started it all

This list wouldn't be complete without the Vine that kicked everything off. When Shawn Mendes posted the above cover of Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me," puppy dog eyes and all, he instantly won the hearts and minds of teenage girls everywhere. It was the beginning of, well, something big.

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