In the middle of the latest "this was a great idea" Reddit Ask Me Anything sesh on Wednesday, Tame Impala mastermind Kevin Parker shared a new song. Why? Because a fan asked, politely.

"Disciples"—or an almost-two-minute clip of it, anyway—is up top. It is 100 percent on par with the pop-weirdo majesty achieved on the first two Currents singles, "'Cause I'm a Man" and "Let It Happen." The Australian act's third LP is due sometime this year. Meaning hopefully it'll surprise drop tonight, or, at as a very last resort, tomorrow night?
How much is dude starting to look like longhair/mustache-era George Harrison? Slash, 10,000 other '60s music dudes... (tameimpalamusic on Imgur)

Here's how it went down, with Redditor LeonCloud11 writing:

Hii kevinn. Since I'm too slow to think of anything, whats a question that you would like to be asked and have been wanting to answer?

Parker responded:

I'm waiting for someone to ask me if they can hear a new song...!

User PinchedLoaf did the honors:

Can I hear a new song?!!!! Link me something!!!!


OK well... since you asked...

Boom; (EVEN MORE) NEW TAME IMPALA. The world is amazing sometimes. Exhibit B: Kevin Parker also spoke about being as inspired by Kanye West as we all should be, and he expresses it hella elegantly and motivationally.

Another awesome thing happened in the AMA itself; Parker, who has been asked about his voice's likeness to the stonery side of John Lennon—by...(cough)—spoke to the notion again. Kindly and understandingly!

"Honestly, I NEVER heard it myself. For a long time I assumed it was just something someone said and then people ran with it. Then i was travelling in the car with my brother who I hadn't seen in a long time, and he was playing me one of his recordings. and I went 'dude you sound like john lennon!' and he said 'yeah didn't you ever hear dad sing? he totally sounded like him' suddenly it made more sense.

to add: i'm not sick of hearing it, i just go along with it.

funny story though: we were playing a show with Sean Lennons band and we decided it'd be fun for him to come and sing backups for Desire Be. I said it'd work because we have the similar voices. He smiled and said 'yeah. you sound like my dad!'"

Didn't we tell you? World—amazing—sometimes. (Also: #dads, man!)