April 8, 2015


The 'Twin Peaks' Cast Is Trying to Bring David Lynch Back

David Lynch recently pulled out of Showtime's Twin Peaks reboot because the network wasn't ponying up enough cash to bring the eclectic artist on board. He reached out to his fanbase/"Facebook Friends" directly: 

Since David Lynch is the lifeblood of the show and a creative juggernaut, the show's fans were not happy about this. The show's cast wasn't either.

In response, they put together a compilation video completing the phrase "Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like..."

Showtime, pay the man. Give him all of the money. Fulfill all of his likely strange requests. Just make it happen, because Twin Peaks without David Lynch is...several actors who shoot iPhone videos vertically. Clearly, they're totally lost without him. 

Also, long live the Log Lady.