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11 Tragically Underrated Tom DeLonge Songs

We're taking a look at some of the most awesome non-singles from the Blink-182 guitarist

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"Peggy Sue"

Long before "All the Small Things" and Blink-182's inevitable mainstream breakout, the band wrote impossibly fast, neurotic power punk. "Peggy Sue" is a prime example of their youthful abandon, Tom DeLonge's tone deaf hollers partnered with the same two chords you'd find in early Green Day.

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"Give Me One Good Reason"

Take Off Your Pants and Jacket is tragically underrated—it's not credited with breaking the band, that title goes to Enema of the State—but it's a clean, full album. "Give Me One Good Reason" is an anthem for young people: It's okay to be weird and naive. 

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"There Is"

Box Car Racer might've only put out one album, but for Tom DeLonge fans, it's one of the best projects he's ever done. These tunes exist in the median between Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves but sound like neither. Tom flirts with maturing here and it sounds pretty damned melancholy. I guess this is growing up.

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What's more universal than boredom? Feeling young and unfulfilled? Tom's got the anthem for you.

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"Valkyrie Missile"

Angels & Airwaves were birthed out of the death (or, more accurately, the extended hiatus) of Blink-182. It was Tom exploring those huge U2 sounds he obsessed over in high school; it was Tom trying to form the biggest band in the world. AVA might not have done that, but the band has had some jams...just listen to "Valkyrie Missile" above.

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In 1999, when the world was obsessed with the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears, Blink-182 dropped Enema of the State. Bratty, accessible, and dick joke–obsessed, the California trio mocked themselves and the current state of music constantly. It truly only worked because, well, they had songs. "Dumpweed" is at times offensive, but mostly it's the sound of confusion partnered with palm-muted power chords. 

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When "Obvious" was released in 2004, it shocked Blink fans. Here the guys grew up, Tom singing songs about faulty relationships. Who knew we could actually learn something from the guys?

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"Dick Lips"

Legend has it that Tom wrote "Dick Lips" after getting kicked out of high school. It's an ode to that feeling, of being a young fuck-up, mad at the world but mostly at your parents.

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"Romeo & Rebecca"

Nothing like an unrequited love song. The sentiment lives in most pop-punk songs, but for Blink, there's humor in it. "Romeo & Rebecca" was one of the first songs DeLonge wrote with then bandmates Mark Hoppus and drummer Scott Raynor. It sounds as adolescent as it gets.

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"Toast & Bananas"

The song starts with Tom, in his best monotone, saying, "My pants are off right now," before launching into a tune of self-deprecation. The song is titled after breakfast. It doesn't get more pop-punk than that.

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"Distraction" was never made a single on We Don't Need to Whisper, Angels & Airwaves first album, and it's a shame. The song has the arena rock feel Tom has spent so many years trying to cultivate and plays with space-y themes. It's peak DeLonge.


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