April 30, 2015


Weekly Prescription: Your Musical Dosage for April 30

eremia catalin via getty Images
eremia catalin via getty Images

Music is a source of comfort and catharsis for most people, so we decided to stock up our musical pharmacy with some tunes to cure your ailments. From vertigo to giving in to your ex for a meetup, check with us weekly for new musical prescriptions.

Ailment: Appendectomy Tummy

You can't muster the strength to leave your room...and rightly so. You've just had your appendix removed causing you to miss your debut in a show this weekend. Your health is more important and you know that, but what the surgery has made you realize is how important performing actually is to you. You need to relax, embrace this epiphany and move on, stronger and minus one appendix, Madeline.

Drug Name: Antibess Wellophine

Active Ingredients: The soothing mid-tempo intro followed by a build into a fast-paced dance track. The lyrics "even broken my heart will go on."

Uses: To remind you that you will heal and there will be another show and you will always want more, whether or not you get the chance to perform. There's no use in dwelling or holding on to something you cannot change.

Stop Use If: You develop the urge to move too quickly toward your goals. You need rest first.

Directions: Play on repeat until you understand that you will never be satisfied and that makes you stronger, despite how weak you feel. Play again to fully absorb the feel-good guitar grooves underneath tinkles of piano.

Warning: Call your doctor if you have increased dizziness/fainting or pain in your abdomen from bouncing along to the beat. 

Special Instructions: For my sister, who is now minus one appendix. I'm convinced your heart will grow even bigger than it already is to compensate.