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6 Pop-Punk Hits We Hear in 5 Seconds of Summer's "Permanent Vacation"

The Aussie rockers have been playing a new tune on their Rock Out With Your Socks Out world tour and it's giving us some serious nostalgia

First, listen to 5 Seconds of Summer's new banger, "Permanent Vacation."

For those not in the know: 5 Seconds of Summer kicked off their first ever worldwide, headlining arena tour in Lisbon, Portugal, and the the lanky lads debuted a new song live. It's titled "Permanent Vacation," it's pretty Michael Clifford/Luke Hemmings–heavy, and you can listen to it above. 

Memorize that bad boy and click through to discover older pop-punk classics the new tune channels.

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Green Day, "Longview"

When we first heard "Permanent Vacation" (in the form of blurry, low-def live Vines, just like you, 5SOSfam) we immediately thought Green Day. At first, our minds jumped to the American Idiot–era, as that's the record and timeframe 5SOS is most familiar with. On second (who are we kidding here...and third, fourth, fifth, twelfth?) listen, we realized the tune directly grabs from Green Day's '90s hit "Longview."

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Sum 41, "Motivation"

5 Seconds of Summer have been spotted in the studio with Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley, so it makes sense that their latest new tune would channel the Canadian pop-punk group...especially a jam from their best record, All Killer, No Filler. Not to worry, we'll still stan for Does This Look Infected?—but come on! 

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American Hi-Fi, "The Art of Losing"

One thing that sets 5SOS apart from other modern pop-punk bands (other than the success, money and glory) is that their sound veers heavily into pop rock territory. Acts like American Hi-Fi did the same thing in the mid-aughts, arguably not as well. The percussion of "Permanent Vacation" recalls Hi-Fi's second biggest hit from their album of the same name, "The Art of Losing." Also: thematic similarities throughout.

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All Time Low, "We All Fall Down"

The songs don't sound similar, okay? We get it. This is early All Time Low, when the guys were experimenting with harsh, almost early Thursday/post-hardcore sounds. ATL are the Aussie boys' favorite band, and well, the first verse ends with Michael Clifford declaring "We All Fall Down," the same kind of poignancy as Taylor Swift's "this—sick—beat." Is it a coincidence that a memorable part of the song was titled like an All Time Low song? Perhaps.

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Green Day, "Minority"

Another driving characteristic of 5SOS' "Permanent Vacation," is the liberal use of repetition in the chorus: "Frustration, desperation / You say you need some kind of medication / Situation, no motivation / Destination, permanent Vacation," and "Congratulations, your imitations / I can't get over the radio stations / Corporations, calculations / We're the voice of a new generation." It rings similar to yet another Green Day song...

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Cartel, "Honestly"

This selection might feel a little left of center but hear us out. The driving pop-rock bridge of "And I'm doing fine / And I know I'm out of line / So I'll sing this one more time" sounds strangely similar to this almost forgotten Cartel single, "Honestly" and the lines "So I guess I'll see you /  I'll see you around / I'm spinning while I'm falling down / Now you know why I'm begging you to stay." Maybe not so much in sentiment, but definitely in sound.

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