May 15, 2015


Adam Lambert Is Dangerously in Love on Dark, New Ballad "Underground"

Adam Lambert showcased a new love for house music on his single "Ghost Town," but the American Idol star hasn't abandoned his affinity for powerful ballads with the just-released "Underground." 

The new Original High cut opens with stark piano chords as Adam details being dangerously in love with your significant other, "When you're gone, when you're gone it's like I'm in one second of time / I'm frozen / When you're gone, when you're gone it's like I lost one half of my mind / Stolen." Booooming synths, finger snaps and trappy snare drums get added to the chorus for an understated, but moving piece of pop.

In a recent interview with Hunger magazine, Adam said his upcoming LP has a "darker, more grounded vibe" with a "bittersweet feel to it." Both "Ghost Town" and "Underground" satisfy those notes to a T, making us all the more curious to hear what else Lambert's cooking for the, clearly, very personal record.

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