May 20, 2015


Come Trip on A$AP Rocky's Egregiously Great New Song, "LSD"

However many disparate, individually insane sounds were on A$AP Rocky's 2013 major label debut, his upcoming A.L.L.A. LP is definitely gonna show up with more. Before we even reflect on how brain-scrambling these new zingers—"Everyday," "Multiply," "M$," "Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2" (?!!)— have been, let's just sit and inject the day with "LSD." Listen above.

So that's a song, maaanMiguel's Kaleidoscope Dream mixed with the titular drug mixed with Pharrell and Frank Ocean's babies? Plus a ton of other ingredients that belong to whatever entrée A$AP's about to serve us?

Worth its own mention: the three-minute-mark split where "LSD" clicks into a complete different gear, the Part Where the Rapping Happens. It's also the segment where the Fashion Killa kills the fashion. While rapping into a mirror in either a palace or a chandelier dealership. (The suitably decadent/fever dream–ish clip was directed by Rocky and Dexter Navy.) Act three is more of the "LSD" tripping bright lights absinthe stuff. More '70s perfection waiting for a Tame Impala remix.

A few weeks ago we got to hear A$AP Rocky's "Everyday," which featured Miguel, Mark Ronson, and 70-year-old Rod Stewart. (Ask Kanye what a wise move it is to fold a 70-something British elder statesmen into your squad.) (McCartney/West/Nori 2016.) 

The other At.Long.Last.A$AP. tasters, starting with October's "Multiply," have also been tracks that made us reconsider everything else going on in rap. A.L.L.A. appears June 2.