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10 Best New Hip Hop Songs We Heard in May

We get it: There's so much music out there, it's impossible to listen to it all. So we staff compiled this list of the best rock tracks released last month

1 / 10

A$AP Rocky, "L$D"

The sophomore LP from the archbishop of abbreviations and acronyms is OMG-good. But we never would've guessed that Rocky would take over our Spotify playlists with a love song. Or that we'd be walking around murmuring melodic, almost angelic bits sung by the guy who gave us "Fuckin' Problems."

2 / 10

Fetty Wap feat. Azealia Banks, Gucci Mane & Quavo, "Trap Queen (Remix)"

"Trap Queen" is already completely unstoppable; adding this unlikely trio for the remix was just gravy. (P.S. please get Azealia Banks on all other remixes this year.)

3 / 10

Snoop Dogg feat. Stevie Wonder & Pharrell, "California Roll"

We've barely had time to dig into Snoop's 13th album, Bush, because we've been so obsessed with this single. The way Pharrell and Stevie seamlessly combine forces with the Doggfather is truly beautiful.

4 / 10

Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment feat. Big Sean & Jeremih, "Wanna Be Cool"

Surf, the long-awaited full-length from Donnie Trumpet and Chance the Rapper's Chicago band, dropped by surprise in the last days of May. The 16-song effort is full of delightfully weird jazz experimentation, but "Wanna Be Cool" is the first cut we're playing over and over.

5 / 10

Mayo, "My Girl"

Twenty-year-old Mayo, born Mayowa Oluwasegun Arogundade, is ridiculously deep. He gets what love's about, and how to keep it alight. His new single, "My Girl (The Letter)," hits the summertime spot—and has us feeling fuzzy in the feelings department.

6 / 10

Jay Z, "Stream of Consciousness"

Jay's Tidal-only B-sides show was the stuff of legend, the whole thing. But his freestyle responding to all the Tidal hate was brand new and had us winding it back more than a few times. Hot sample lines:

You know I came in this game independent right?
Tidal, my own label, same difference
Oh n----s is skeptical as their own shit
You bought 9 iPhones and Steve Jobs is rich
Phil Knight worth trillions, you still bought those kicks
Spotify is 9 billion they ain't say shit

7 / 10

Future feat. Big Sean & Rick Ross, "Fuck Up Some Commas (Remix)"

"Fuck Up Some Commas" dropped back in October, with Future's Halloween-y Monster mixtape, but it's still gaining steam. A Rick Ross and Big Sean remix feels like a victory lap—and maybe not the final one. We're ready for this thing to get expanded at least one more time, "Bugatti" style. A$AP Rocky on the next one? Jay Z? Hov needs to get on a hot 2015 track like yesterday.

8 / 10

Meek Mill, "Energy (Remix)"

If anyone was going to take on Drake's 2015-winning "Energy" beat, it was Meek, who knew his rework was hot enough to warrant a video. Choice line: "Every time I spit, that's a thousand a word."

9 / 10

Fetty Wap feat. Drake, "My Way (Remix)"

Fetty's deliriously catchy "My Way" only got sweetened with Drake jumping onboard. But, kudos to the almost-25-year-old semi-newcomer, Drizzy actually doesn't steal the show with his guest verse for once.

10 / 10

BIGBANG, "Loser"

After three years away from the scene, BIGBANG made their K-pop comeback with this melancholy hip hop knocker. Moving from depressed rap verses to the emotional pre-choruses, the quintet detail growing tired of one-night stands and their thoughts on true love showing a more matured boy band than we saw years back. It's the type of track that's sure to satisfy their old fans (it's reminiscent of past hits like "Bad Boy") while offering potential to gain new (and possibly more mature) listeners. Jeff Benjamin

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