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13 Best New Pop Songs We Heard in May

We get it: There's so much music out there, it's impossible to listen to it all. So we compiled this list of the best pop tracks released last month

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Little Mix, "Black Magic"

Little Mix recently revealed they gave away their song "Pretty Girls" to Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea in place of a new single. And luckily this one is just as addictive as Brit and Igg's hit—if not even more so. The effervescent chorus is pop at its finest and recalls a modern, more aware take on late '90s/early '00s bubblegum pop...which is a very good move.

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Little Boots, "Better in the Morning"

You'd be hard pressed to find a single more immediate-feeling than Little Boots' new single. "Better in the Morning" automatically opens with its pop-goes-hip hop beat that quickly moves into the singalong hook and upbeat lyrics.

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Ciara, Missy Elliott & Pitbull, "That's How I'm Feelin'"

"You did that, girl!!!"

Missy Elliott opens up Ciara's "That's How I'm Feelin'" with an exciting shout-out and the energy remains high throughout this club joint. Ci offers flirty verses ("I don't love you, but I might say I love you tonight") while Pitbull and Missy join the party for fun verses on the bridge. If CiCi was looking for a way to get back on Top 40 radio, this might be her best option. It's one of Polow da Don's best pop productions in years.

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Tori Kelly, "Should've Been Us"

Tori Kelly's debut album grows more promising with each single release. "Should've Been Us" is a mix of classic hip hop (sampling Run-D.M.C.'s "Peter Piper," which you probably also remember hearing in Missy Elliott's "Work It") along with slick pop melodies and honest lyrics ("We were crazy, but amazing / Baby we both know, it should've been us"). 

But the real main attraction here is Kelly's remarkable vocals that are belting with more emotion than we've heard on any of the cuts on Unbreakable Smile so far.

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Maroon 5, "This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherfucker"

You can complain all you want about radio's obsession with Maroon 5, but the guys know how to craft crazy-good pop music. The band boasts its slickest single in some time with "This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Motherfucker," centered around its must-shout-along hook. Get used to it, because you're going to hear it all summer long...and we are totally cool with that.

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Tove Styrke, "Number One"

Following her excellent single "Ego," Tove Styrke continues to prove she's one of Sweden's must-watch acts with yet another pop gem. We're kind of obsessed with the lyric, "No one ever wants to give you some / But everybody loves a number one."

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Mika, "Good Guys"

We were already excited for Mika's No Place in Heaven album, but "Good Guys" just upped that anticipated tenfold. This lush mid-tempo hits both a melancholy and hopeful sentiment that only the best kind of artists can evoke. Listen up for cool shout outs to classic "good guys" like James Dean, Ralph Waldo Emerson and David Bowie.

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Joss Stone, "Stuck on You"

British songbird Joss Stone said that new single "Stuck on You" is the her favorite song off her upcoming Water for Your Soul album. And it's not hard to see why: This sweeping piece of folk-soul grows better with each section, all topped off with a swirling mix of harmonies on the chorus.

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Prince Royce, Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull, "Back It Up (Spanish Version)"

Bachata star Prince Royce may be currently prepping his first English album, but the Spanish version of his new Pitbull-assisted pop single is too good to ignore. Royce enlisted none other than Jennifer Lopez to trade off verses about how he wants J.Lo to "back, back, back it up"ㅡand with a derrière as famous as hers, that takes major confidence. 

We'll be using this breezy pop jam for inspiration at the club this summer for sure.

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Ciara, "One Woman Army"

Ciara's new album Jackie is more pop-leaning than R&B...and it's so good that we really couldn't feature just one cut. "One Woman Army" is another standout and sounds like the type of track Janet Jackson would release today. Luckily, Ci is a more-than suitable choice if Janet wasn't ready to drop new music. 

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Katharine McPhee, "Lick My Lips"

Katharine McPhee has gone from American Idol finalist to Top 40 singer to Smash and Scorpion TV actress and, now with the release of new single "Lick My Lips," hopefully she's returning her focus to pop. This throwback-tinged single is full of gooey harmonies and it's awesome music video sees McPhee looking more confident than ever.

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Seventeen, "Adore U"

So, what does a 13-member boy band sound like? Apparently, awesome. New K-pop outfit Seventeen (yes, we know it's a very confusing name) dropped their debut single "Adore U" and it's everything you could want from a pop song. There's an addictive chorus, powerful guitars, funky basslines, zooming synths, even a few rap sections baked inside.

In a post-Zayn Malik One Direction world, it may not be a terrible idea to pick Seventeen as your new favorite boy band.

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Pia Mia, Chris Brown & Tyga, "Do It Again"

Rising singer-songwriter Pia Mia is the undisputed star of this big-name collaboration. Her voice seamlessly transitions from soft coos to passionate belts. Tyga's rap is a slightly eye roll-inducing (he rhymes Tom Brady with Marcia Brady), which only puts our focus back on Pia Mia. We're super ready for more solo material from the very promising 18-year-old.


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