May 28, 2015


21 Must-See Summer 2015 Tours

#1Nicki Minaj

What: The Pinkprint Tour's first North American run and second spin through Europe

When: June 4 – August 19

Why It's a Must-See: Dear old Nicki's in an amazing place right now, a place you wanna see her in. She dropped The Pinkprint in December; it's her most personal record yet, full of devastatingly clever and badass lines and sterling, disturbingly dope production. And she's been touring the album, sharpening the setlist and doing an exclusive video diary series on Tidal since March.

She's also engaged—or not engaged but basically engaged?—to Meek Mill, one of her openers on the tour. Throw in Rae SremmurdTinashe and Dej Loaf, and why would you want to see any other concert? Zach Dionne

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