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9 Times Ciara Slayed the Stage

With the release of her sixth studio album, 'Jackie,' it's the perfect time to remember why CiCi's remains one of the top performers in the game

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"I Bet" Music Video (2015)

For the lead single off her excellent new album JackieCiara went full throttle with her dancing, showcasing previously unseen ballet moves for some of the best choreography of 2015. "I Bet" has the starlet standing en pointe in ballet slippers and rocking an interpretative dance barefoot.

The "I Bet" video set the tone that more than a decade into her career, CiCi still slaying the stage with charismatic performances and dance moves that rival the likes of Michael and Janet Jackson.

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The "Matrix" Move in "Goodies" (2004)

From the very start of her career, Ciara was wowing us with her stage style, including her now-signature "Matrix" move—a back bend that essentially defies gravity. One needs a strong set of abs to pull it off, and Ci was ready from the get-go to display her super skills.

Watch at the 2:20 mark above in the video for "Goodies," her debut single. Then watch her explain how she does the move below:

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"Gimme Dat" Music Video (2010)

There's an army of dancers alongside CiCi in her "Gimme Dat" video, but it's impossible to take our eyes off her here. Look out for that Matrix move at the beginning too.

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"Work" Live (2009)

Remember when twerking was all the rage last year? Yeah, Ciara was on that ish in 2009. Watch the best part of her choreography in "Work," taken from her opening slot on Britney Spears' Circus Tour, where Ci shows off her extreme athleticism and twerking abilities. It's not easy to hold a squat like that.

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"Get Up" Music Video (2006)

We love "Get Up" mostly for the use of floor choreography, which has Ci nailing the splits, doing pushup-like bounces, crawling while twerking, gyrating on the ground and so much more.

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Moonwalking While Pregnant (2014)

Ciara's shown off her moon-walking abilities multiple times on tour (including during her "Billie Jean" cover on her current Jackie Tour) and, while it's not a stage per se, Ciara asked her Instagram followers last year, "Have you ever seen a pregnant woman moonwalk?" 

Now we have. Thank you for that, Ci.

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"Love Sex Magic" Live (2009)

Inspired by Las Vegas nightlife, Ciara brought her "Love Sex Magic" single to life with a showgirl-themed stage that included over-the-top wigs, loads of group choreography and a barre for her and her dancers to straddle and wiggle all around.

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The Empowering "Ride" Music Video (2010)

In one of the most controversial moments of her career, Ciara's "Ride" video was banned from BET and 106 and Park—important outlets for an R&B artist—and U.K. television due to its "sexual content." It was an early pro-feminism moment when fans called out the network for playing similarly sexy videos (like Trey Songz's 2010 hit "I Invented Sex"), but put a full-out ban on this video. 

Controversy aside, Ciara kills it all on her own here with a silhouette that had every other pop star upping their dance game.

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​Teaching the "1, 2 Step" (2004)

A classic! With longtime collaborations Missy Elliott and Jazze Pha on the track, Ciara introduced the world to the 1, 2 Step that's still utilized on dance floors today. Need a refresher? Watch Ci teach her gal pal the move at the 0:40 mark in the accompanying video.


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