May 22, 2015


Diplo Enlists CL, Riff Raff & OG Maco for Swaggering "Doctor Pepper"

We can't wait for CL's upcoming English album and while we patiently await her official single, she's teamed up with an all-star cast of DiploRiff Raff and OG Maco to drop a swaggering new hip hop cut.

Take a listen to "Doctor Pepper," an Atlanta-style rap record that sees the trio of MCs trading off verses along with the K-pop superstar, who handles the infectious chorus (good look getting that "I put it on ice, bitch, Doctor Pepper" hook out of your head). At times, the 2NE1 rapper sounds a bit like Rihanna (in the best way possible) as she moans about ignoring calls and her jet-setting lifestyle.

Famous for her intense rap style, fans might be shocked to hear CL sounding so chill here. That thought wasn't lost on Diplo who told The Fader that "'Doctor Pepper' is something that might not register that well with actual K-pop," before adding, "But the net around K-pop is so wide that it can be anything with confidence and style. That's what CL brings to it...I've been active in CL's first full-length album, mostly trying to find a right balance between glossy K-pop attitude and keeping CL positioned where she belongs—as the baddest coolest female out right now." Cha-ching!

Don't forget that top MCs like Nicki Minaj experimented with a slew of different styles and genres before breaking big. We think CL's testing out the waters before coming hard with a huge single next month. We're ready for "The Baddest Female," are you?