May 4, 2015


Envy Balance Delicacy and Destruction on "Blue Moonlight"

via Odyssey Booking
via Odyssey Booking

To be a successful metal band, one that crosses the heavy music barrier and gains respect and admiration from other, probably non-tattooed or pierced casual listeners, you've got to make music that can't be categorized. Easier said then done, right? It is possible: Shoegaze black metal titans Deafheaven take beautiful, long-winded indie-approved guitar riffs and distort them. They grab typically delicate intros and fuck them up...and they learned it from Envy.

The four-letter Japanese post-hardcore band invented the move. Today, the iconic-yet-obscure group have released "Blue Moonlight," their first new track in five years.

The single begins delicately, moving into bloodcurdling screams with little warning. It's classic Envy: Heavy but never abrasive. The song will arrive on Atheist’s Cornea, their recently announced sixth LP and first since 2010's Recitation. Listen to "Blue Moonlight," above, then take our horror movie character or metal musician quiz.