May 6, 2015


A Drake Remix & "Trap Queen" on 'Tonight Show': Fetty Wap Is Winning

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One of my old colleagues once asked if Kanye was a talent vampire rather than a dude who just liked putting on young rappers. (Look back to the remix of Chief Keef's "Don't Like," or, more recently, to Yeezy putting Theophilus London and Allan Kingdom on "All Day" and Vic Mensa on "Wolves." And, depending who you ask, that shine he gave youngster Paul McCartney?)

Time we started asking the same thing about Drake. Well, we would…if the remixes weren't still so hot. After bring-'em-ups for artists like iLoveMakonnenMigos, PartyNextDoor and the Weeknd, Drizzy is back today expanding the global consciousness of the fellow known as Fetty Wap. The 24-year-old artist is from New Jersey and has been at this for at least a couple years. You may notice something's up with left eye; he lost it to glaucoma as a kid.

Listen to the remix of "My Way"—the first official October's Very Own Soundcloud upload in six months—right here (we'd say when Drake comes in, but that's not fair to Fetty, whose day this is):

In 16 quick hours, the track's gotten more than 425,000 plays. Tellingly, Fetty outshines King Aubrey, who usually tends to swoop in and body kids on their own tracks.

It's not just Fetty's day, though—it's his week. "Trap Queen," which was released back in early 2014 but has been going way way wayyy up in the last six months, got a boost with a remix on Tuesday. Two, actually: one featured Gucci Mane and Migos member Quavo; a U.K. version also had the amazing Azealia Banks on there. Here's the "Trap Queen" remix, plus the original:

Lastly, right after the remix dropped, Fetty Wap hit The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform "Trap Queen." Another reason the world's so much better for Fallon having taken over one of the two preeminent late night slots: Can you imagine "Trap Queen" on Leno? Nah, you can't.