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These Are the 12 Best Kanye West Lyrics Since 'Yeezus'

Yeezy's done precious few songs and guest spots in the last two years; his fiery new feature on A$AP Rocky's 'A.L.L.A.' got us to cook up our favorite lines from the 12 best cuts

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February 2014: Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love (Remix)," also featuring Jay Z

Record: BEYONCÉ (Platinum Edition)

Best Kanye lyric:
I know them haters talkin' always had us very wary
Yup—on the 35th of Nevuary

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March 2014: Rick Ross' "Sanctified," also feat. Big Sean

Record: Mastermind

Best Kanye lyric:
God sent meant a message
Said I'm too aggressive
Really, me?? Too aggressive??!

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April 2014: Future's "I Won"

Record: Honest

Best Kanye lyric:
Baby, we should hit the south of France
So you could run around without them pants
I put that glacier on your little hand
Now that's the only thing without a tan

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October 2014: ​Theophilus London's "Can't Stop"

Record: Vibes

Best Kanye lyric:
Hotter than Arizon'
Fresher than aerosol

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January 2015: Kanye's "Only One" feat. Paul McCartney

Record: SWISH (release TBD)

Best Kanye lyric:
I know you're happy, 'cause I can see it
So tell the voice inside your head to believe it

Honorable mention:
Tell Nori about me
[sung over and over in "Let It Be" fashion]

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January 2015: Big Sean's "Blessings (Extended Version)," also featuring Drake

Record: Dark Sky Paradise

Best Kanye lyric:
Right now I'm callin you from my home gym
Right after that, n---a, I'm gon swim
Just did a couple laps in my home pool
And my daughter right there gettin homeschooled
I'm blessed

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January 2015: Kanye & Rihanna's "​FourFiveSeconds" feat. Paul McCartney

Record: SWISH (release date TBD) and Rihanna's eighth album (release date TBD)

Best Kanye lyric:
Woke up an optimist
Sun was shining, I'm positive
Then I heard you was talkin shit
Hold me back, I'm bout to spaz

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February 2015: Big Sean's "All Your Fault"

Record: Dark Sky Paradise

Best Kanye lyric: 
Iawnt give a fuck / Iawnt give a fuck
When cops chokin n---as out in the media
We finna have to protest, to tear the city up
We bout to tear this whole place up pretty much

Honorable Mention: 
Young Walt Disney, I'mma tell ya truthfully
If you leave Mickey, you gon end up with a Goofy

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March 2015: ​Kanye's "All Day" feat. Allan Kingdom, Theophilus London & Paul McCartney

Record: SWISH (release TBD)

Best Kanye lyric:
24/7, 365 days, everybody gettin paid
N---as lookin at me like I'm worth both MJs
People say, "Ye, Ye, take it easy,
20 G's for the Yeezys offa eBay"
N---as do the most and they ain't done shit
Only way I can sum it up, sumbitch

How lit? Once more, with emphasis:

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April 2015: Vic Mensa's "U Mad"

Record: Traffic (release date TBD)

Best Kanye lyric:
I feel like MJ, I'm in his shoes
I'm talkin' Montell Jordan, this is how we doooo

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April 2015: Tyler, the Creator's “Smuckers”

Record: Cherry Bomb

Best Kanye lyric:
It's funny when you get extra money
Every joke you tell just be extra funny
I mean, you can even dress extra bummy
Cocaine bathroom break, nose extra runny
And I gave you all I got, you still want extra from me
Oxford want a full blown lecture from me

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May 2015: ​A$AP Rocky's "Jukebox Joints," also featuring Joe Fox

Record: At.Long.Last.A$AP

Best Kanye lyric:
Maaan, everything basic to Ye Gueverra
So Saint Laurent is my Zara

Trivia: 'Ye co-produced the track with Che Pope.

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And here's the whole playlist

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