May 12, 2015


The Only Banjo Cover of Metallica's "Battery" You'll Ever Need

Mumford & Sons might have buried the banjo, but this Metallica cover says otherwise.

Watch above as these metal lovers take on "Battery," the intro track to the outfit's must-own Master of Puppets album. The original's incessant heavy-metal guitars and electrifying solos are replaced with calm, twangy banjo strums. But the cover keeps the pounding drums and throaty screams that all act as a rather fascinating juxtaposition alongside the country-fried chords.

And because banjos are obviously only played in the countryside, the guys are of course rocking out on an actual farm, playing on top of a tractor and wearing straw hats and overalls.

Watch till the very end, when one of the gents headbangs so hard he ends up passing out in a pasture.