June 8, 2015


Q&A: Morgan Page on His Fourth Album and First Book

Devin Colvin
Devin Colvin

L.A. producer and multi-talent Morgan Page is celebrating the release of his new album, DC to Lightstreaming exclusively on Pandora until it drops on Tuesday, June 9. It's his fourth release on Nettwerk and the follow up to his critically acclaimed In the Air. Pressing questions circulate among fans about whether or not Page can top 2012's dance smash—after all, success places artists in a delicate position—but he just isn't worried. With a cool confidence, Page breezed through the Fuse offices to expound on the calculated differences between his impending project and his last, the various ways he diversifies from book writing to home improvement, and the best method to extract honest replies to new material from always-fickle music fans. 

How does DC to Light differ from or compare to In the Air?

It’ll be a little clubbier. The meaning behind DC to Light is full frequency. I called it that also because I recorded it all with solar power; I put solar panels on top of my home studio before I started. When I started this album I wanted to do something that was a little different than In the Air, something that was a little clubbier, a little more electronic, and had a little more aggressiveness to it. So it’s got that, but there’s definitely the core component of good songwriting and the core of the songs are there. It’s still synthetic sounds—layers of synths—but also guitars and real instruments.

Can you expand on what the 'DC' is in DC to Light?

It means zero hertz, which is the lowest frequency. And light is the highest. It’s kind of an audio-geek term, or even a radio-geek term.

Well on that note, since you're a self-proclaimed audio-geek, what’s the status of your book for aspiring producers, Morgan Page Quick Tips?

We’re working on it! It’s been a long time in the works. Now we’re just getting all the illustrations done, and finding the right publisher. Right now, online there’s about 500 tips you can get. So it’s been just a matter of distilling the best tips and then expanding a little bit on those.

What are you going to be offering in the book that people haven’t previously been able to get from your MPQuickTips Twitter?

The main thing is having these really good vector illustrations that illustrate the point so I can translate the book into different languages and have it carry the same weight, but also expanding on the tips a little bit. Eventually I’m going to make a deck of cards for all the tips, too. Like Brian Eno’s strategy cards, so you can change the order or randomize it. It’ll be like, a very short headline for the tip, a description, and an illustration. But the big thing is that online you can get more information and seek videos, tutorials.

Do you have a publisher in line?

We’re talking to a couple right now. Initially I was just going to do it self-published, but there’s a lot of interest from publishers because there isn’t really anything like this.

I was curious about your Sirius XM Show, In the Air. Do you worry at all that you may have dated the show by naming it after your last album?

You know, it’s funny because some people know In the Air for the songs; some know it for the show. It means different things for different people. But when I was doing it, I couldn’t really think of a clever name for it so I was just like, “I’m doing the radio show on the airplane usually…”

That worked out well—"air" certainly has a double meaning in this context. You’ve been playing new material from DC to Light live on this tour, even though the album isn’t available until June 9. How has the reaction been?

It’s been great. There’s always a little bit of a gap where when you play something the first time, nobody knows what it is. I’ve been testing it for the last year, and people are like “Okay, alright we’ll get into it.” I never say that it’s new stuff because I want to get a neutral reaction out of people; I don’t want to color it for them. Then later on, as I’ve played it enough and the mixes are done I’ll be like, “This is a new one! You’re the first to hear it.” Then I can experiment, do an A/B comparison because I’ve tipped them off that “This is a new song, you’re obligated to be excited about it!” vs. “You have no idea what this is.” [laughs] But yeah, “Open Heart" featuring Lissie has been doing really well, and this other one “Running Wild” has been getting really great reactions.