May 22, 2015


9 Must-Read Brandon Flowers Fan Fiction

#1'A Hot Fuss'

"Parched, orange dust spread across barren, cracked wastelands in swirling clouds, clinging to what brittle, now dead, plants had once managed to grow out in the unforgiving heat of the Mojave. The clay had cracked and been bleached almost cream under the relentless ultraviolet rays cast down upon the desolate landscapes. This sounds very unappealing, but in the centre of the gehenna, mankind had managed to craft a jewel: Las Vegas. Completely man-made, it was the destination for those weary souls who wanted to flip a coin on their life: In Vegas you could find salvation and a new start or be lost forever, it all depends on your wit and your common sense but mostly on being in the right place at the right time."

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