May 7, 2015


Digimon Is Returning!

Y'all remember Digimon right? The not-as-good-as-Pokemon-but-still-great Japanese television series about teens on an island who all have little creature friends that evolve into bigger beasts and fight the bad guys? The series ran from 1999 to 2003 and garnered a cult-like following with kids and anime fans via its video games, card games, mangas, movies and a Tamagotchi-esque virtual pet game

For the show's 15th (!!!) anniversary, the creators have announced a six-part film series titled Digimon Adventures tri. that will continue the story of the evil-fighting creatures and their friends. Even though fans have been waiting a long time for Digimon's onscreen comeback, they'll have to wait just a little bit longer as the first film, titled Reunion, doesn't premiere until November 21.

Do note that the series will likely debut in Japan first and then make its way around the world. So while it might be a long wait for new Digimon, take comfort in the fact that each film is reportedly going to be 50 minutes. Plus, what's better than a reboot of shows you loved as a kid? Unlike human TV or movie stars, cartoon characters don't age—they'll be just as full of life as they were when they first hit the air. (No shade, Fuller House.)

Let the nostalgia start with Digimon Adventures tri.'s trailer above. Get introduced to the cast and look out for the adorable hug from Agumon and what looks like a grown-up version of main character Taichi Yagami.