May 13, 2015


6 Must-Read 'Pitch Perfect' Fan Fictions

#1'I've Got the Magic in Me'

"I read the text over and over again. How could such a short and simple message require so much processing? It was like a dream that I was terrified of waking up from. I wanted someone to pinch me. 

I suddenly realized that I had been doing this for 15 minutes, just pacing around with excitement, trying to take it all in. Who should I call first? My family? My friends? People HAD to know about this!

That night I had dinner with my parents to celebrate. They took me to one of the fanciest French restaurants around. They couldn't of been happier for me and my mom was on the verge of tears."

Read the rest of skylarismine's I've Got The Magic In Me here.

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