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6 Must-Read 'Pitch Perfect' Fan Fictions

Our very favorite stories the a cappella franchise's fans have cooked up

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'I've Got the Magic in Me'

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"I read the text over and over again. How could such a short and simple message require so much processing? It was like a dream that I was terrified of waking up from. I wanted someone to pinch me. 

I suddenly realized that I had been doing this for 15 minutes, just pacing around with excitement, trying to take it all in. Who should I call first? My family? My friends? People HAD to know about this!

That night I had dinner with my parents to celebrate. They took me to one of the fanciest French restaurants around. They couldn't of been happier for me and my mom was on the verge of tears."

Read the rest of skylarismine's I've Got The Magic In Me here.

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'The Boys in Red'

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"I had a bag over my head and I was being kidnapped but I was okay because I would amaze my kidnappers with my awkwardness and my mermaid dancing. Yeah...I am good at that shit. 

I knew I was in a dark room because the bag put over my head really didn't cover much. Then I heard Aubrey speaking."

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'Love and Competition'

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"I decided to give up because I knew it was hopeless trying so I turned around to try and find a seat somewhere, suddenly I was face to face with Donald. Even though I was pissed out of my head, I could definitely see that he had his tongue down Macie's throat. Anger raged inside me and I couldn't take it anymore, my actions were mainly fueled by the alcohol but there was a little bit of me that had wanted to do this all night. I grabbed the back of Macie's hair ripping her away from him and whipped my hand around her face as hard as I could, so hard that it stung my hand afterwards.

Tears welled up in my eyes and I stumbled into a run to get away from all the eyes staring down at me. I had no idea where I was going. I simply staggered and tripped my way up the steps and down an unfamiliar pathway, suddenly I felt extremely light headed and I rest my back against the wall and slumped down it. The last thing I heard was some one shouting my name,


I woke up with the worst headache known to man, I moaned and turned over in bed to see a face, this was the last thing I wanted to see today. In fact the last person I want to see, ever!


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'It's Aca Complicated'

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"I sigh. My parents have been gone a week now. To be honest, I am lonely. My parents took my siblings with them. I have three siblings. Savanna, who is several years older than me. Brad is 13 and extremely horomal. Then there is Olivia who is four and just plain adorable with her blonde hair and warm brown eyes. Brad has light brown hair with hazel eyes. Savanna has long chestnut hair with green eyes. Most people don't realize we are siblings because we look different, but if you look close enough you can see we all have similar bone structures. Plus, Savanna and I are tall and thin with big chests. Because Savanna is older than me we don't talk much, but I miss talking to Olivia and Brad. I can't really talk to Drew because we slept together and I can't remember it. Talk about awkward. And thus my lonely life.

The good news is I recently heard from Savanna, and it's the first time in three months. She has gone to see Aunt Michelle to help her out with her obnoxious kids and she also need help moving around the house. My Aunt Michelle has asthma, so when she got sick with pneumonia it almost killed her. Savanna made an offer to bring Brad and Olivia home, but my dad doesn't think I'm capable of caring for Brad and Olivia. I am totally responsible when they are around! I start scrolling through my messages."

Read the rest of Purpleprincess34's It's Aca Complicated here.

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'Not Quite Pitch Perfect'

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"I should be used to players by now, most of my past boyfriends have turned into them. I can't deny that I haven't cheated on someone before, but we were drifting apart anyway. It wasn't as thought it was his best friend thought...I don't even know how that happened, we were both drunk! After that incident, I promised myself that I'd never cheat on anyone again, and now it's happened to me. I guess karma comes back around.

I miss Donald already though. I've been sat on my bed for the last three hours alone. Beca and Amy have come in and out to check that I'm okay but I haven't really been in the mood to talk to anyone, as you can imagine when you've just found out that your boyfriend is cheating on you.

I guess I just need to forget about him now thought, the only thing that I'm worried about is that he knows how to make me give in, and I'm scared I could forgive him way too easily. I guess I'll just have to try and not be gullible so it doesn't happen to me again. Heartbreak is the worst feeling in the world - that's official!"

Read the rest of laurajanee's Not Quite Pitch Perfect by here.

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'Pitch Perfect'

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"'Why don't you stop by my dorm tonight? Spend the night?'

'The night?' I asked, shocked.

We hadn't ever spent the night together. I guess our relationship was still a bit immature in some ways. But the whole ordeal with Jacob and Chelsea was kind of a set-back in our relationship. None of us knew each other before or during the time they had dated but I was Chelsea's friend before Jacob's girl. I had made sure a million times that it was okay to date him. Actually, it was Chelsea who had initially told me Jacob liked me and that I should date him."

Read the rest of DefinitelySalvatore's Pitch Perfect here.

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