May 5, 2015


Listen to Snoop Dogg, Pharrell and Stevie Wonder's "California Roll"

Snoop Dogg's 13th studio record, Bush, is only a week away. The LP's produced entirely by Pharrell, and the lead song also features the super-producer on vocals…alongside the man, the myth, the harmonica-loving legend, Stevie Wonder

"California Roll" is preposterously smooth, with the three kings extolling the virtues of Los Angeles, a land where you can both become a movie star and secure a medical marijuana card. The track follows "Peaches N Cream," featuring Charlie Wilson, and "So Many Pros." The record will also see appearances from T.I.Gwen StefaniKendrick Lamar and Rick Ross.

Bush is streaming on iTunes now; it'll be released May 12.