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35 Most Anticipated Summer 2015 Albums

From hip hop heavyweights to pop's brightest stars to your favorite newbie act, here are all our must-listen records for the season, listed chronologically for your pleasure

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A$AP Rocky, 'At. Long. Last. A$AP.'

Release Date: June 2 Out now! Listen right here.

Why We're Excited: A$AP is still on the come-up, lyrically, but his sounds and his swag have the force and authority to change the game in any direction at any second. The A.L.L.A. tracks that have been trickling out this year are all steamrollers, and we're not even sure how to prepare ourselves to hear an entire album's worth. The record was executive produced by Danger Mouse and Juicy J, with a cut on there by Sir Kanye West. And "Everyday," one of the singles, features MiguelMark Ronson and...Rod effin' StewartZach Dionne

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​Jamie xx, 'In Colour'

Release Date: June 1

Why We're Excited: As an avid lover of trip hop and ambiance before I even knew what trip hop was—at 12 I lived for anything by the Sneaker Pimps, Dust Brothers, Homesick for Space, and A Silver Mt Zion—it was no wonder that The xx's Coexist sucked me in the first time I heard it drift from Alex Moore's laptop in the offices of Death and Taxes. Of course the landscape was ripe for their growing success—Jay Z was hyping Polica as they creeped through the underground like vines overtaking a jungle floor; the midwest couldn't get enough of the whispering-woodsy stylings of recent Kanye cosign Bon Iver—but the mystery that shrouded the production crew made them all the more enticing. I hungrily spun the album through the ensuing months, but of course my appetite grew with time and I couldn't help feel a bit let down when no new music came from their camp (soundtrack singles are never enough to curb me). Needless to say, when Jamie proclaimed the beginning of his solo foray I bit immediately. Andrew Poitras

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Major Lazer, 'Peace Is the Mission'

Release Date: June 1

Why We're Excited: Not only is Major Lazer one of the greatest acts to hit EDM in a minute (okay, we pretty much mean most tracks Diplo is involved in), but Peace Is the Mission has the promise of becoming the collective's best release to date. Just check out the MØ/DJ Snake collabo "Lean On" above. —Maria Sherman

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Florence + the Machine, 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful'

Release Date: June 2

Why We're Excited: This is only Flo's third album, but she took her time, and we're dying to hear how a 2015 Florence + the Machine LP compares to a 2011 one (the fabulous Ceremonials). We're feeling confident, too, as the four tracks we've heard in the last three months have each been gorgeous in their own ways. —Zach Dionne

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Four Year Strong, 'Four Year Strong'

Release Date: June 2 Streaming exclusively on Fuse right now!

Why We're Excited: Eternally aggressive, Four Year Strong's self-titled LP is a callback to the Worcester, Mass. quartet's old sound made popular by 2007's Rise or Die Trying and 2010's Enemy of the World. Alan Day and Dan O'Connor trade vocals and guitar riffs, not bothering to take a breath. You'll find no cheesy acoustic track inside this album's runtime, and that's exactly what we were looking for from the pop-punk act. Converge's Kurt Ballou, who helmed the record as producer, offers minimalism on his end, and the result is a pleasingly raw record that highlights the violent nature of Four Year Strong’s heavier side. Thomas Nassiff

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Girlpool, 'Before the World Was Big'

Release Date: June 2

Why We're Excited: No one does "best friends" quite like Girlpool. No one does "delicately damaged and simultaneously strong stripped down pop" like Girlpool, too. The combination is textured almost early Liz Phair-esque vulnreability. This will probably go down as one of the best indie rock records of the year. Trust. —Maria Sherman

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Joanna Gruesome, 'Peanut Butter'

Release Date: June 2

Why We're Excited: Welsh indie pop-punk group Joanna Gruesome are back at it with their sophomore album, and it'll prove to be as fierce and unapologetic as their last. "Honestly Do Yr Worst" is just the kind of fearlessness that sets them apart (you know, in addition to those relentless choruses and sacchrine sweet hooks.) It's the reason Gerard Way loves them so! —Maria Sherman

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Sun Kil Moon, 'Universal Themes'

Release Date: June 2

Why We're Excited: Mark Kozalek, a.k.a. Sun Kil Moon, penned his last album Benji as some Hemingway-esque meditation, reflecting on his own life through very personal events—his dad and cousin dying in fires, failed suicide, school massacres, and some lingering regret for not having Ben Gibbard's fan base. It was extremely heavy, provoking, but also oddly funny. We've gotten a taste of Universal Themes in "Garden of Lavender," which sounds like we can expect more of the same—the Great American Novel in album form, delivered by an indie-lifer who can't help but to be anything but completely honest. Taylor Brown

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Muse, 'Drones'

Release Date: June 8

You might not know the world needed a politically-charged Muse record, but the world needed a politically-charged Muse record. It will arrive June 8, it's called Drones, the first single is critical of authority. What more could you ask for? —Maria Sherman

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Of Monsters & Men, 'Beneath the Skin'

Release Date: June 9

Why We're Excited: With their debut record My Head Is an Animal, these Icelandic pop darlings won over our hearts with infectious singalong hits like "Little Talks" and "Kings and Lionheart." Now they're back with a new track, "Crystals," which delivers their signature sound but with a slightly darker twist. If the rest of the record is anything like the single, we’re ready to embrace their dark-folk jams with open arms. Rose Campbell

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Tamia, 'Love Life'

Release Date: June 9

Why We're Excited: R&B vet Tamia is about to drop her long-awaited sixth album, Love Life, nearly three years after her last album, 2012's charming Beautiful Surprise. Why are we excited? If the project's sizzling lead single "Sandwich and a Soda" doesn't ooze summer sexiness to you, check your pulse. Slowing things down a bit, Tamia recently dropped the sensual ballad "Stuck With Me" which is most likely an ode to her longtime husband, NBA great Grant Hill. If the rest of Love Life is this romantic, the album's going to be classic Tamia, and what’s not to love about that? —Mark Sundstrom

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Adam Lambert, 'The Original High'

Release Date: June 16

Why We're Excited: Adam's 2012 album Trespassing never got the credit it deserved, possibly thanks to the major misstep by his record label, who sorely under-promoted the LP. But now with a new label home and fresh set of collaborators, Lambert is looking and sounding refreshed with his third studio effort, The Original High. Lead single "Ghost Town" indicates a dark new house sound while "Underground" proves he can still slay a power ballad like no one else. There's also collaborations with Tove Lo and Brian May that we can't wait to hear. —Jeff Benjamin

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Giorgio Moroder, 'Déjà Vu'

Release Date: June 16

Why We're Excited: In addition to being one of our favorite forces in the electronic/dance music game, 75-year-old Giorgio Moroder recently released the title track of his upcoming full-length Déjà Vu. The reason for our excitement? It features our Australian goddess Sia, who, it's been scientifically proven, can do no wrong. —Maria Sherman

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Hilary Duff, 'Breathe In. Breathe Out.'

Release Date: June 16

Why We're Excited: Lately, Hilary Duff's dating life on Tinder is been a snappier headline than any of her musical output—which is a shame, as her new single, "Sparks," is one of the best pop songs of the year. Breathe In. Breathe Out. is Hil's first LP since her very-underrated 2007 album, Dignity. Whether you know it or not, the Duffster knows how to make great pop music and we can't for a full album's worth. Jeff Benjamin

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Mika, 'No Place in Heaven'

Release Date: June 16

Why We're Excited: Next to Adam LambertMika is probably the closest thing we have to a modern-day Freddie Mercury, and the British singer is entirely embracing that on his upcoming fourth album. He revealed his single "Last Party" is "about Freddie Mercury when he found out he was HIV positive; he closed himself up in a club and had this mad party. It's probably a myth, but it's a story that's well-known." If that wasn't cool enough, he's already got Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor's cosign. 

But also be on the lookout for Adam Lambert's signature, exuberant pop tunes, which have been teased with singles "Good Guys" and "Talk About You." —Jeff Benjamin

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Ryn Weaver, 'The Fool'

Release Date: June 16

Why We're Excited: I'm a sucker for a good story. What drew me to follow the budding career of the mysterious Ryn Weaver wasn't a chance encounter with the "OctaHate" video during my daily blog crawl. More interestingly, it was after a chance encounter with a beautiful girl and her au naturel Monroe at a backyard party in Bed-Stuy. At the time, she called herself Erin. She told me she was a singer, and in slight disbelief (*eyeroll* who's not a singer?), I asked that she serenade me on the spot. Surprisingly, Erin leaned in for a dash of her own Fleetwood Mac rendition and I actually bit my own lip as punishment for doubting her. The story peaks there…I eventually blew it, and she quickly snubbed me when it came time to exchange phone numbers, so I just had to chuckle to myself when preroll for her EP on Interscope popped up ahead of an ASTR video a few weeks later. Since then I've watched Ryn distract entire holiday parties with a brief cameo, stun a curious crowd at SXSW, and dominate industry conversations that she wasn't even present for. I really can’t wait to see what comes of her tutelage under Jimmy Iovine, and have strong feels about where this "Fool"'s voice will carry her. —Andrew Poitras

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Sorority Noise, 'Joy, Departed'

Release Date: June 16

Why We're Excited: Last year, the Hotelier stunned indie-rock fans and gained broad critical acclaim with their elegantly crushing Home, Like NoPlace Is There. Could Sorority Noise be an unexpected up-and-comer follow-up this year? 

Joy, Departed is a huge step forward from the Connecticut act’s 2014 debut, Forgettable, which matched snarky, biting lyricism with gritty indie-punk. The new effort is considerably more sweeping; some songs, like the mid-album cut "Your Soft Blood," take Sorority Noise to a whole new plane, with the intensity of indie-rock legends like Brand New and Manchester Orchestra. Cam Boucher's cheeky lyricism peeks its head out every so often, but he also deals significantly with addiction on Joy, Departed, so there’s quite a bit to dig through. It’s an ambitious and frankly unexpected direction for a record that should land Sorority Noise on lists of prominent newcomers by year's end. —Thomas Nassiff

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Third Eye Blind, 'Dopamine'

Release Date: June 16

Why We're Excited: Third Eye Blind are back from the dead...or so it feels. While the guys gear up for a super deliciously nostalgic co-headlining tour with Dashboard Confessional, they're also prepping a new album, one they've been promising for what feels like forever. No word on what it sounds like just yet, but if it includes the Beyoncé cover they just released, we're in for a real treat. —Maria Sherman

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Citizen, 'Everybody Is Going to Heaven'

Release Date: June 23

Why We're Excited: There was no shortage of hype among existing Citizen fans leading into the release of the band's 2013 debut full-length, Youth, but now the Michigan indie-rockers face a different type of vibe heading into Everybody Is Going to Heaven. Now there's pressure to deliver not just a quality sophomore follow-up to a larger fanbase, but attempt to transcend the scene—at least, that's what it seems like they're going for. 

Guitarist Nick Hamm told Billboard that the "spirit" of Citizen's new album is "completely dismissive of the trajectory of our peers and of the trajectory we were expected to take." Hamm might just be trying to pique our interest, but it's working: "Stain" is the noisiest and most chaotic Citizen song to date, and coupled with a melodic chorus, the tune suggests a dynamic that Youth only aspired to. —Thomas Nassiff

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Desaparecidos, 'Payola'

Release Date: June 23

Why We're Excited: Most anticipated record of the summer? More like most anticipated record of the decade. It’s been 13 years since Desaparecidos dropped their LP, Read Music / Speak Spanish, and with the release of Payola finally approaching, we've got to say: it's about damn time. 

Conor Oberst and the gang have promised their return will be rawer, louder, and angrier, while having a greater degree of focus and musicality than their debut. If this means the record is anything like their live show at Coachella, then we're all ears.  Likewise, with Mike Mogus on production and featured appearances by Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace, the So So Glos, and Cursive's Tim Kasher, how could the record not be worth the wait? —Rose Campbell

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Tori Kelly, 'Unbreakable Smile'

Release Date: June 23

Why We're Excited: After singles like "Nobody Love," "Unbreakable Smile" and "Should've Been Us," Tori Kelly's debut album is poised to be the feel-good affair of the season. The singer's long-awaited LP looks to be a mix of funky pop melodies with classic hip hop rhythms putting the 22-year-old in a genre all her own. A spotlight-stealing, acoustic performance at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards kickstarted GRAMMY buzz for Kelly and this record should deal the deal. —Jeff Benjamin

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Refused, 'Freedom'

Release Date: June 29

Why We're Excited: I was 12 years old when The Shape of Punk to Come dropped, and I had no freaking clue what to make of it. I was still coming out of a confusing nu-metal phase as I began to discover local punk and hardcore shows in one of my many Follow the Leader T-shirts. I’d collected lots of CD-R's from regional acts, and stocked up on a nice lot of Fat Wreck compilations, but truly nothing carried the sonic quality of this Refused record. 

Did these guys seriously have the creative capes, foresight and enough sheer gaul to forge punk’s future and also tell people that they were forging punk’s future? I believed the hype; I was hooked. But disastrously, and in line with the band's obvious attitude, Refused made their statement and promptly disappeared less than a year later. Save for a brief return in 2012, the group was dark for 15 years. When I heard they were finally ready to grace the music industry with their presence again I was rightfully met with mixed feelings—excited, doubtful, hopeful, annoyed. Where the hell were Refused in 2008 or '09 or '10, when I was dying for aggressive music to inspire me again? 

Nevertheless, Refused stormed the nation in 2013 and met or exceeded every possible expectation by their legion of fans, ranging from 14 to 40. The performances were so high energy you'd think that the entire era was making a comeback. Fuck "Refused"—it was officially 1998 again. Leaving Terminal 5 quite satisfied after seeing the dudes, a new album never crossed my mind. Then again, we didn't know how badly we wanted The Shape of Punk to Come, either. Leave it to Dennis and crew to keep on delivering what we need most before we even realized the void. —Andrew Poitras

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Miguel, 'WildHeart'

Release Date: June 30

Why We're Excited: As hard as it is to believe Miguel's breakout sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream is nearly three years old, it is, and fans are hungry for more. WildHeart, the California crooner's upcoming follow-up, already has us salivating. 

After the GRAMMY-winner posted an unexpected three-song EP on Soundcloud in December we weren't sure what to expect. In early May, one of those tracks turned into WildHeart’s gorgeous lead single, "Coffee (F*cking)." Go beyond the song's explicit hook and you can hear AND feel a man truly, deeply in love. Miguel recently revealed the project’s cover art depicting him (possibly) nude, holding on to a (definitely) nude woman bent over in front of him. Whew! Okay, Miguel may be a tease, but with this guy the foreplay always pays off in the end. —Mark Sundstrom

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Pusha T, ‘King Push’

Release Date: June 30 (rumored)

Why We're Excited: 2013's debut studio solo album, My Name Is My Name, still bangs. Pusha T is still on oneL He's calling this record King Push; the Neptunes reportedly had a big hand in the production; Kanye built "Lunch Money," above. 

King Push also hyped the record really well to Rolling Stone: "It's amazing. I feel like the sound will be second to none. And of course you already know the raps will be smacking people all left and right. I’ve been working on it constantly." 

—Zach Dionne

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Girls' Generation, TBA

Release Date: June/July TBA

Why We're Excited: The K-pop phenoms are already one of the biggest acts in America (2014 album Mr.Mr. is one of the highest-charting Korean albums here ever) and the girls are reportedly prepping a full-length for June. K-pop acts like to keep the element of surprise almost right up until the release, so we don't have a title, concept or arrival date for the LP. But this will be an important one, marking Girls' Generation's first release since the departure of Jessica Jung, who left the group/was kicked out for still-undisclosed reasons. It's a make-or-break moment for one of the world's biggest girl groups and we have a feeling they're going to bring the heat. —Jeff Benjamin

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Little Boots, 'Working Girl'

Release Date: July 10

Why We're Excited: Little Boots has successfully transitioned away from her initial pop tart image and evolved into a queen of the dance floor. "Better in the Morning" previews her upcoming third album and it's probably the slickest she's sounded yet. The soft vocal approach, the hopeful lyrics, the slightly hip-hop beat, this single is instant. You'll be hooked in less than four seconds, promise. —Jeff Benjamin

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Tame Impala, 'Currents'

Release Date: July 17

Why We're Excited: Every cut we've heard from Tame Impala's forthcoming Currents—"Let It Happen," "'Cause I'm a Man," "Eventually," "Disciples"—has been an ace. Such aces that I didn't need to look up any of the titles. They're all glued to my head, already. Barely ready for an entire album of Kevin Parker 3.0. But barely willing to wait. —Zach Dionne

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Bea Miller, 'Not an Apology'

Release Date: July 24

Why We're Excited: Bea Miller first landed on our radar with her fantastic "Young Blood" single. It was massive; it sounded like the pop music world was entering its post-Lorde existence. Then she dropped the equally as mature "Fire N Gold," proving that the tiny teen has some pipes. Next stop: a debut full-length! —Maria Sherman

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Titus Andronicus, 'The Most Lamentable Tragedy'

Release Date: July 28

Why We're Excited: Some bands are content to play things safe and never veer too far away from their comfort zone; Titus Andronicus is, in a deafening type of way, not one of those bands. The group's best release to date is 2010's The Monitor, an hourlong LP that ties in imagery of the American Civil War with scenes of growing up in New Jersey. That type of dichotomy again steers frontman Patrick Stickles on the forthcoming The Most Lamentable Tragedy, which Stickles says is a rock opera (29 songs, 93 minutes in length) centered around manic depression and how it affects artists. 

"By creating a really big canvas," Stickles told Grantland, "you have the opportunity—and really the responsibility—to expand in as many different directions as you can." Titus has shown to be at its best when it's at its most ambitious, so we're naturally expecting greatness from The Most Lamentable Tragedy. —Thomas Nassiff

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Lianne La Havas, 'Blood'

Release Date: July 31

Why We're Excited: Lianne La Havas is the best. Is that enough information? No? She's Prince-endorsed and a Prince collaborator? Her debut Blood single is beautiful, and the video (above) is even more so? 

Still not satisfied? (C'mon, people.) Watch her 2014 Afropunk set, full of jewels from her 2013 debut, Is Your Love Big Enough? —Zach Dionne

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Migos, 'Y.R.N.: The Album'

Release Date: July 31

Why We're Excited: We'll never let "Versace" leave our hearts, but it's time for something new, no? Based on some really great (and hopefully totally true) rumors, this bad boy will feature Lil WayneChris BrownMeek Mill, DJ Mustard and other big wigs. —Maria Sherman

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Frank Ocean, 'Boys Don't Cry'


Release Date: July TBA

Why We're Excited: Channel Orange was my 2013 year-winner, hands down. After Nostalgia, Ultra, it cemented Frocean as a bona fide god whose work would always be immaculate and whole-album-style brilliant. No idea what he's got in store for Boys Don't Cry, but I do know it's called Boys Don't fuckin' Cry, and it's bound to be medium-special at worst, life-changing at best. Part of the album was recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. (And Rick Rubin stopped by.) —Zach Dionne

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HEALTH, 'Death Magic'

Release Date: August 7

Why We're Excited: It's been a while since we've had a proper studio album from HEALTH; Get Color was released all the way back in 2009. But it's not like they haven't kept busy working on their craft, as they scored the video game Max Payne 3 after completing Get Color. Their earlier work had an abrasive center with thunderous drums, but if "New Coke" is any indication, HEALTH is taking the sinister mood behind their music and translating it into a much more polished direction with more sample-heavy drum sounds and big square wave synth tones. Their noisiness has usually hinged on constantly distorted guitars—consistent jabs throughout the pace of their early albums. Here, the noise element acts as more of a right hook. Balance can be a good thing. —Taylor Brown

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Carly Rae Jepsen, 'E•MO•TION'

Release Date: August 21

Why We're Excited: Yes, everyone knows Carly Rae Jepsen can create an earworm of a hit single (cue "Call Me Maybe" and "I Really Like You"). But we're excited for the new album. Jepsen's breakout LP, 2012's Kiss, is an overlooked pop masterpiece with a still-fresh selection of pop hits. Her new disc promises the same, with all-star collaborators like Tegan & SaraSiaDev Hynes, Max Martin, Samantha Ronson and more. Just listen to the slow-jam perfection that happened when Jepsen hooked up with Hynes on "All That." —Jeff Benjamin

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Frank Turner, 'Positive Songs for Negative People'

Release Date: TBA

Why We're Excited: Now gearing up to release his sixth studio full-length—all of which have hit since 2007—Frank Turner is well-known as a songwriting machine. The English singer/songwriter put out one LP per year from '07 to '09 before switching to an every-other-year cycle beginning with 2011’s brilliant England Keep My Bones. Turner's major label debut, 2013's Tape Deck Heart, was perhaps his least remarkable effort, but Positive Songs for Negative People shows signs of putting the songwriting back in the driver’s seat. The first single, "Get Better," sees Turner pleading, loudly and earnestly, with the listener to simply try his or her best and do better. It’s transmitted as a punk song with the help of his band, the Sleeping Souls, and it's hopefully indicative that we'll be getting more of the honest storytelling fans have grown to love from Turner. —Thomas Nassiff

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