May 27, 2015


35 Most Anticipated Summer 2015 Albums

#1A$AP Rocky, 'At. Long. Last. A$AP.'

Release Date: June 2 Out now! Listen right here.

Why We're Excited: A$AP is still on the come-up, lyrically, but his sounds and his swag have the force and authority to change the game in any direction at any second. The A.L.L.A. tracks that have been trickling out this year are all steamrollers, and we're not even sure how to prepare ourselves to hear an entire album's worth. The record was executive produced by Danger Mouse and Juicy J, with a cut on there by Sir Kanye West. And "Everyday," one of the singles, features MiguelMark Ronson and...Rod effin' StewartZach Dionne